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Hey guys,

I'm researching the architecture profession and need some input. I'm trying to identify the most innovative firms that are leading the architecture community.

I did some searches online and it seems like there are a lot of different opinions. So I thought I would ask here as well.

In your own opinion (hopefully professional), what firms, small or large, are doing the most innovative works/projects?

Please refrain from arguing about each other's choices and give me your own opinion. Thanks!

May 9, 15 7:31 pm

It's SHoP Architects, based on control of process.

May 9, 15 9:08 pm  · 

Other firms that I see as similarly innovative are the firms who are mixing different types of design, blurring the traditional lines of architecture. Working simultaneously in graphic design, project design, construction and architecture seems to be a successful new model. SHoP might count as one of these (construction and arch), so might Nendo, (Products, graphics, and arch), and so might Snohetta (Graphics, Arch.)

May 10, 15 5:02 pm  · 

The Living

The Very Many



May 10, 15 7:45 pm  · 

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