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Good afternoon Folks,

We are an interior design firm in California and in contract negotiations for two hotel projects in India. The scope is to create a mock-up room (conceptual design), with no procurement.

Can anyone provide any advice regarding working with Indian-based companies?

Thank you for the insight, much appreciated.



May 5, 15 7:11 pm


What kind of advice are you looking for really? Are you looking for local designers/contractors to collaborate with? Or just information on how we typically function?

Where are your projects expected to be based?


May 12, 15 4:49 am  · 

Working with Indian Design companies - my advise is to take your time and find one that you really like and trust. Get testimonials from others you trust. Otherwise, like in any other long-distance working relationship, be prepared to deal with issues where the local guys will steal your client etc etc.

That said, there are many good, talented interior design firms in India, you just need to find the right one for your needs. Please PM me if needed for more advice.

Jun 2, 16 10:14 pm  · 

1. Make sure the deposit check clears before you do any real work.

2. India's 'Microsoft' service center can really fix your computer. They call me at least once a week. I have politely and repeatedly emailed the Indian Embassy in DC to try and get them to stop and have received absolutely no response. That will be your response from the Indian Embassy on any billing issues. That tells me all I need to know about India and anyone in it.

May 10, 17 12:23 pm  · 
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Jun 2, 20 3:21 am  · 

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