are architects attractive?


from reading the posts on here, it seems as if architects are very attractive to their opposite sex. is this true?

Dec 23, 04 4:02 pm

yes, and some are attractive to the same sex. and some are attractive to both sexes.

Dec 23, 04 4:09 pm

no. narcissistic? yes.

Dec 23, 04 4:13 pm

attractive? just the ones on archinect. and especially MoMMAS.

Dec 23, 04 4:15 pm
Ms Beary

some are pretty funny looking.

Dec 23, 04 4:44 pm

have you taken a look at this?

Dec 23, 04 5:11 pm

i will say this: i am a narcissistic a-hole!

i like peddling the archi-thing in the bars/clubs/lounges/ friends find it funny!

girls for the most part find it attractive...but only because it suits my package. you know, tall, slender, stylie and cocky (elitist even). lol. plus i can talk the smack, which leaves most doe-eyed. and my female archi-friends do the same, leaving most men (who aren't intimidated by strong, professional women) smiling...and wanting more.

however, i never offer up my profession as a pick-up. i only divulge after i've been asked. and thats the deal maker!

Dec 23, 04 5:25 pm
Ms Beary

and I'm sure they always ask, don't they?

Dec 23, 04 6:09 pm

I seem to always attract bird droppings.

Dec 23, 04 9:25 pm

I certainly am. *seductive eyebrow-raise*

Dec 23, 04 10:59 pm

interested? well, well....

Dec 24, 04 1:16 am

it's a funny thing to say... really... its sterotypical.... first architecture is a passion, and second it's a profession... it doesn't mean that you have to be strait or gay or bi. it's like saying are cops always attracted to the opposite sex? or all designers are gay... no sextual orientation has nothing to do with profession.

one thing i can certainly say is that architect is an attractive title... but that's just me

Dec 24, 04 2:24 am

setsquareboy, this one's for you


Dec 24, 04 2:39 am

....seems to me there is an inverse relationship between the level of an architects attractiveness and an architects design skills.

i.e. frank gehry, zaha hadid, rem koolhaas......


Dec 24, 04 2:45 am

mies, le corbusier, philip johnson, michael graves, libeskind,
richard meier....ok some look the same way they design...

Dec 24, 04 3:43 am

who cares if you have design skills if you look good? i mean, you find yourself a nice doctor/lawyer and ride her to your own fledging! lol

Dec 24, 04 10:42 am
Sean Taylor

I post this with an unblemished record of staunch heterosexuality. . . I heard Louis Kahn had a nice ass.

Dec 24, 04 2:10 pm

archinect as dating service!


Dec 24, 04 2:31 pm

hey setsquareboy

'i will say this: i am a narcissistic a-hole! ' - you actually do not need to, if reading from your other posts

i dont wish this post to be a personal slander tool, but cannot help it - and yes maybe you should add narcissistic pompous a-hole...that will be better

Dec 24, 04 2:56 pm

i'm just glad that i will never be dating you're hip to my jive.

Dec 25, 04 4:25 pm

my ex just emailed me...with nothing to say but 'hey'. i'd give up dating to be with her...

Dec 27, 04 7:13 pm


Dec 27, 04 8:53 pm

we are demi-gods!

Dec 27, 04 10:29 pm
Carl Burdick

i would have to agree with o+ , zaha hadid is probbly one of the uglyist people i have ever seen, and since she would be at the top of the dosent say much.

Dec 28, 04 12:49 am

obviously, you have never met aeaa

Dec 28, 04 4:17 pm

attractive? for all the obvious reasons

and anyways people who think you are cool because of what you are into are there just to make you feel better...they are just as stupid as you are

not using architecture as an attractant is attractive

Dec 29, 04 3:12 am

i'm unattractive...but i just maybe in three years or so...

Dec 29, 04 3:19 am

being stupid as the people around you is smart enough bloodclot.. haha

Dec 29, 04 3:24 am
The Thriller in Manila

lets hear some testimonials.....who got there girlfriend/boyfriend b/c they are an architect. stundents fill in on this too, ever impressed a member of the oppisite sex with your T-square?

Dec 29, 04 4:52 am

well, let's just say that saying you're an architect doesn't hurt. the public has some perception that we're all rich, ubber-arty types that are infinately interesting/intelligent. not to say that we aren't, but if you dress the part as well, you're golden.

have obtained a few beauties (dated them for a significant amount of time) initially because they were attracted to the lifestyle...getting into art shows, gallery openings, exclusive clubs/lounges, going to lectures, studio crits, and just walking around the city and talking about it's history (architectural smack!). now, you have to be interesting in the first place...and be more than one-dimensional...but the archi-thing never hurts.

Dec 29, 04 10:41 am

i met my bf at my architecture school. he is a poets and a graphic designer, so maybe that doesn't really counts, since we have such similar interests.

but i do get lot of attention at parties and socials when i am introduced. and a lot of people want free over cosmos, kinda weird!

Dec 29, 04 10:51 am

still attractive...and it's a thursday to boot!

Dec 30, 04 8:05 pm

word to your mother!

Jan 2, 05 7:15 pm

Mentioning architecture and design always raises eyebrows since women love the fact that a guy has a sense of taste/style(whether it be good or bad). Usually the first thing out of a girl's mouth is "Wow, you're going to make a lot of money." That's when I laugh in her face because 1)I don't date people that care about my financial situation, and 2)I'll have to brighten myself up knowing that I won't make a lot of money. I've dated a girl in my studio for over two years now. It has been a blessing because she knows when she can't bother me, and on that note she can't bother me because she's busy working on the same project. I hear of nothing but nightmares when people date someone outside of the major, because no one understands the work load that it entails.

Jan 3, 05 1:08 pm

sucker story: "architects are assholes"...soon to be a major motion picture.

i dated a girl in my program...almost a year. i liked her a lot. she made me feel special. our relationship was hush-hush, as we didn't want to be one of those studio 'archi-couples'.

she was the hottest girl i had ever met in my life (still would challenge for the tittle today!).

i completed significant portions of her thesis. she dumped me the night after she presented it. my stomach still sinks today when i think of it.

moral of the story: don't get involved with your studio mates...only sport fuck them!

bitter? ummm, i was. but only because i was the brunt of a few jokes. she was done school, and i was left there alone for everyone to ridicule. hehehehe.

Jan 3, 05 2:02 pm
on my way
Check this out.

She's an architecture student... and she's pretty good looking...

Jan 4, 05 2:48 pm

omw >

How exactly did you run across that ?? Just browsing the supermodel pages? :-)

Jan 4, 05 3:22 pm

she is pretty...i want to touch

Jan 5, 05 8:32 am

What’s the opposite sex of “architect”?

I once got totally hit on by a civil engineer I sat next to on an air plane. He was short and balding and his technique involved a lot of discussion of his mastery of the mechanics of driving piers. Very disturbing.

Jan 5, 05 2:19 pm

yes, that is disturbing!

Jan 5, 05 3:20 pm
on my way


how exactly I found that might be more interesting than the fact that she exists...

I am building a website for a fitness guru and needed some photos to fill space temporarily. I googled "squat" to find some exercise images and one of her photos popped up. Because she was decidely more attractive than the other overly muscled people in the resulting photos, I clicked to check her out... and lo and behold... she was relevant to this discussion - which I had been browsing not 10 minutes previous...

Jan 6, 05 1:35 pm

word, but not "starving artist" attractive. well, some of us are, but it's not by choice.

Jan 6, 05 1:47 pm

how do you post pics on this site?

Jan 6, 05 1:54 pm

Most aren't.. sorry.

Jan 6, 05 2:53 pm

some are definately beautiful-

check this out - shes an indian the 'miss world' title some years back. And she went to Architecture school for 4 years before dropping out.
[check her out=]link[/check her out]

Jan 6, 05 6:02 pm

oops i screwed it up heres the link

Jan 6, 05 6:04 pm

drop out - smart girl. Can you imagine why?

Most architects around here are pretty funny looking.

If you really want to know - check web sites, most architects post pictures of themselves and not too many of those pics I have seen are too pretty.

In school there were some more or less attractive people. Perhaps they drop out to pursue more rewarding careers.

Jan 6, 05 6:47 pm

oh fuck that
Architects are smarter and more attractive than all mortals.

Jan 6, 05 10:02 pm

we are gods!

Jan 7, 05 8:38 am
Miss Wales doing Architecture

not my type though.

Jan 7, 05 10:50 am

architects are almost all insecure and look for validation (i can tell from a lot of the posts I read here esp. setsquareboy...). we are trained (brainwashed?) to question the mainstream and the default, we are observant (too much for our own good?) we have taste and opinions on art or think we should (which is the same), and there is that myth of the architect as the Renaissance man (woman!), the master-mason...
so we can be pretty good at creating an interesting self-image.
but I know better than to date another architect; been there - done that - know better. (most) male architects are emotional fuckwits. so attractive, but so fucked up...

Jan 18, 05 11:07 pm

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