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As I reach the home stretch for the A.R.E.s I've starting thinking about my next goal which is to develop real estate, either multi-family or small scale commercial.

I don't really know enough about it to have any firm goals beyond that.... So my plan is to start reading a ton, I've got a list of college text books, and I thought that there are probably some good forums or blogs out there with knowledgeable professionals that I could learn from as well (archinect for developers).  The ones that came up first in my search seem to be geared towards those even less knowledgeable than me........  


Jan 20, 15 10:28 am
Bumping because I would like to know as well. is a good blog from an architect turned developer though
Jan 21, 15 12:28 am
wurdan freo

Ross no longer posts on this blog, but some good entries here.

Jan 21, 15 1:22 am

Really so interesting guys.

Saint in the City

shuellmi -- Very interesting -- great inclination.  I take it you are working in an architecture firm? Are you planning to to quit pursue development full time?  You might consider getting a job with a developer as a learning experience toward your goals....?

Jan 21, 15 10:46 am

my work is all giant commercial/retail development, which is starting to be a lot less interesting than it used to be.  

my intention, to start, is to do this after hours with the help of a couple partners.  Working for a developer isn't a bad idea, will have to look around.  

Jan 21, 15 3:37 pm
Saint in the City

^ Sounds good. 

Sounds like you may have larger scale aspirations, but starting very small can be a good way to get into real estate.  I'm doing some of that -- I own two residential units in addition to my personal residence.  I have a small renovation project hired out and under way right now.   I'm looking to purchase another house for my family in the next year or so and will then also rent my current house.  

Jan 22, 15 5:36 pm
Saint in the City

Of course, developing is a different animal -- not in my wheelhouse just yet.

Good luck with it -- unlike architecture, you stand to make money.... But what fun would that be?

Jan 22, 15 5:52 pm

thanks, will be contacting a couple" architnecters" for advice once the license is in the mail

Jan 23, 15 10:10 am
Peter Lee

A lot of developers would love to have you on as a PM/ owner's rep.  You will learn a ton especially if you can get insight into the finance side.

Nov 20, 19 4:12 pm

Had an interview for an owner's rep at a university last week.  Unfortunately I think my salary is was a lot more than they were interested in.

Nov 22, 19 10:57 am

Shellar curious what progress you've made on this front since posting. I had the same aspirations but unfortunately stayed in architecture and just wasn't building much capital. Made a career switch a year ago and actually should be starting with some small Reno's this coming summer.


I'm basically a huge disappointment in this area. I've been watching MSRED lectures on youtube, reading a lot on various forums, and a couple books, but haven't actually done anything.


Paid off my student loans and had another daughter too. Doing the Christopher Kelley Leadership Development Program through AIA Detroit. My plan is to use this to make some good contacts in the area.

What was your career switch and tell me more about your reno plans!  I love to hear about architects doing this kind of thing.


Switched to CM. A li


*More stress but way more interesting and rewarding. Plus as much as its taboo in the architecture realm it's really nice to actually be making money. I've kept my expenses low and should reach my capital goal by next July to finally take some action. Been building my spreadsheets and talking to other friends that are investors to develop a few strategies to entry. The main barrier is that I'm in SoCal and its seems that most cashflows don't make sense if you have to have PMI.

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