hello what

Anyone working there now or recently that can impart some knowledge about the firm? Work/life balance? Which directors to work for/which to avoid? 

Dec 10, 14 11:24 am

Good luck finding info on the directors on a public forum. But in general, work/life balance depends on what team/project you work on. For example, the ones that deal with China are always overworked. The domestic/other studios are a bit better.

Dec 10, 14 4:52 pm

glassdoor might have some info, but people usually only post when they're pissed

Dec 11, 14 12:31 pm

"people usually only post when they're pissed"

Hey! I post when I'm sober ... sometimes.

Dec 11, 14 1:30 pm

RTKL makes some whack a$$ architecture

Dec 11, 14 7:08 pm

I'm surprised they're still hiring given the planned purchase of Callison. Good luck.

Dec 11, 14 9:05 pm

RTKL is not buying or merging with Callison. Just FYI. Callison was purchased by Arcadis, which also owns RTKL. So it's more of a sibling relationship now.

Dec 12, 14 1:20 pm

Its a good question the OP did not ask about the quality of work, because its mostly poop.

Dec 12, 14 1:44 pm

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