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I'm looking to focus on sacred architecture, but I have been told be many that is such a board topic. I'm mostly interested in the spatial qualities within this spaces. I'm struggling , I not sure where to go from there. I think I have hit a road block. Any ideas or suggestions

Dec 5, 14 11:58 am
Non Sequitur

"Spatial qualities within this spaces"

No wonder you're struggling with such vague wording. First, you'll need to define what you mean by sacred architecture. Does having a sacred building label grant them spatial qualities that other non-sacred buildings have not? Were the spaces that interest you designed purposefully to be this way from the start or is it relative to cultural change?

Many options but first you need to bracket your question.  Perhaps an example of a space or two would make things easier.

Dec 5, 14 12:31 pm  · 

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