Architectural Image Copyright - Europe


wow, just read this about architectural copyrights in France, Belgium and Italy. Unlike the US, images of built architectural works (even publicly visible) remain under the copyright of the architect.

Anyone here ever do any buildings there - have you figured out a way to get any royalties off that?

I can't imagine how you'd enforce that really, so it seems a moot point. And I don't at all agree with it as a matter of policy.

But if anyone can figure out how to make money designing a landmark and selling rights to its image, call me up - I'm in!

Nov 10, 14 11:27 pm

Do you think it is possible this people will pay any royalties for the inspiration of their product? If not, can they turn around and claim royalties for their product? Is the latter more deserving at this time? "What is a myth, today?"

Nov 11, 14 4:16 am

Hmm I guess it was a naive question. Obviously just need to remember to make the gift shop big enough for everything you'll want to sell!


Nov 11, 14 5:02 am

And how do we know that is not Helsinki?

Nov 11, 14 5:14 am
Olaf Design Ninja_

Like those obnoxious fat Americans who visited Paris and noticed there was a tower like the one in Vegas? Great hookah though. The Eiffel tower is visually recognizable as a Christmas tree, the royalties must be great.

Nov 11, 14 6:51 am

sort of like after the football game, any accounts of the game have to be accompanied by written permission from the nfl or the government is going to get you.

information wants to be free.  let it be free. 

Nov 11, 14 11:37 am
Olaf Design Ninja_

I like pirates.

Nov 11, 14 8:11 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

just read the Eiffel tower News post, that's guess this image is worth $0.02 for every view? no? Sue Olaf, he isn't real.

or should Olaf sue Disney for Frozen, I mean he came up with the character Olaf and a Summer Camp for building snowman's long before the movie

@SneakyPete _ I also find that article ridiculous.  It's like charging someone for recorded perception? Should they bill me for my memory and telling other people about my memory of the art?

@Curtkram you are absolutely correct, you ever see this family guy where Peter does something really illegal, nothing happens, and then he HITS RECORD during an NFL game and a dozen agents with guns drawn raid his living room?

don't mess with the NFL.

and Olaf has the following patent pending! don't you even think about knocking off Vuuve (a real beer but also  Flemish for Five, so says google)

The godess Nike should sue Nike! or the Greeks should collect money?

Nov 11, 14 8:38 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_ Is this infringement on Per Corell 3dh?

Nov 12, 14 6:12 pm

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