Revit - Windows & Solar panels

Toni Dobrevski

Where can i find tripple glazed windows and solar panels for revit?
Thank you in advance!

Sep 15, 14 10:54 am

You might be able to find windows on a specific mfgr website, i.e. milgard, fleetwood, or something like that, you can try autodesk seek.

Solar panels vary so much by mfgr and these companies come and go, so I doubt you will be able to find anything created by a specific mfgr. online.

I would just get a cut sheet for both and model your own families.

Sep 15, 14 11:28 am
Toni Dobrevski

thanks a lot !!!

Sep 15, 14 12:53 pm

Be careful what you snag at revit city. In many cases the families are "built" by high schoolers during their revit classes, and many contain exploded dwg info, linked 3d models from other programs, and other goodies that will pollute and possibly corrupt your model.

Sep 16, 14 11:07 am

agree about revit city...janky ass models, you are better off building your own.

Sep 16, 14 1:17 pm

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