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in my studio, we are all trying to simulate different effects. my effect is HUMAN FAT . I'm having trouble thinking of objects that i can use to simulate this  as i design ... one of my thoughts was sand in plastic bags .... but that sounds kind of stupid ... any ideas???  maybe something modular ... so i can keep building of it ... 

Sep 11, 14 5:43 pm

Why are you asking an internet forum for help with your studio assignment? Think, test, iterate. That's what you're in school for. 

It sounds like a fun project. Good luck.

Sep 11, 14 6:18 pm  · 

You think they just stumbled upon silicon implants out of the blue? A lot of stuff were used to mimic naturalness, often with disastrous results but the point is what anonitect said: think, test , iterate.

Sep 11, 14 7:05 pm  · 

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