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Hi guys,
I am 28 years old and I am Italian. I graduated in 2012 in Architecture here in Italy where I live . In February of this year I applied for the working holiday permit in Canada and I have been accepted and now I am allowed to work there for six months, and I am going to Vancouver in November.
I would like to find a job in an architecture firm before arriving there, I am also willing to start with an internship and then to be hired.
I would like to ask you guys if anyone had a similar experience or if anyone could help me giving me advices about Vancouver and the way I could find a position there. I would also like to know if Vancouver it is the right city to find opportunities in Canada.

Thank you in advance.

Aug 30, 14 2:12 pm


I see that nobody answered you, but since I guess you're already there I'd like to ask for advice myself.

I'm a Spanish architecture student, I'll graduate from my masters in january 19 and I plan to apply now for the working holiday visa in Canda (I just received the invitation). But first I'd like to know about the real posibilities of finding an architecture related job there (I'll be freshly graduated but I have some experience working in an architecture firm). I have no preference of city because I speak both french and english, so I wouldn't mind moving to Quebec.

Did you have any chance finding a job in Vancouver? Could you tell me somthing about your experience?

Thank you in advance.


Feb 8, 18 9:25 am
Non Sequitur

Elia, there are loads of construction all over the major Canadian cities so there should be no issue finding job offerings. What you should be aware of is that building codes and construction practices vary greatly from country to country. Pick the place you want to live in first, then look for an office and apply.


Hello, I'm a graduate from India currently working in UAE as a junior architect (drafting, details, and lately site inspections). Perhaps this is too nosy but could you guess if I can have any chance of employment? I'd tally my experience to 2 years now.

Non Sequitur

The same chance as anyone else... just note that your education needs to be verified prior to applying for intern architect status.

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