Work in Europe 2015 (Advices )

Hi everyone! My name is Ivo and  I need some professional advice. I am finishing my career next december( architect and Urbanism at Buenos Aires University)  and I want to work in Europe next year.
Truth is that i don't really know where to start looking. 
Mi intención is to work in Amsterdam or Berlin,  but i dont actually know where to start looking for a possition at a firm because, even when i have four years of experience in Argentina, i dont think that anyone will hired me without a convalidation at an EU University.
Do you think that i have to set about looking for internships? Even if i am not an European citizen do I have possibilities?
I was looking for some internships and i was surprised that they dont pay enought to afford a life there. Are they usually like that? ( 450 / 600 euros? )
Do you think internship is my only alternative? If you have any tips or you know people who hired foreign architects would be outstanding!
 I am working here but i do want to change and proceed to another country at least for one year. I've been even teacher assistant at Collegue in Buenos Aires but i desire to try somewhere else.
I treasure a lot your answer.

Aug 20, 14 6:27 pm

First, you should probably be looking for a position as a 'junior architect' - not 'intern' (or 'praktikant' or 'trainee'). As I understand it, most european schools require their students to do 6 months or a yearlong internship as part of their degree program, often unpaid. So, foreign 'interns' making 600 euro per month could be considered good money, in comparison, and might be acceptable if you're doing it for the experience or as a break from school.  That said, with 4+ years experience you are doing yourself a disservice by applying for internships and not a 'full time' architect position, which will pay a living wage. I met plenty of folks from South America when I was working in Europe.

Now, my rewards, please?

Aug 20, 14 6:39 pm

+ Evan.

Apply as a graduate architect, junior architect, or junior designer. Applying as an intern/praktikant/trainee gives the wrong impression (that you are still studying).

Already being in one of the cities you'd like to live in will go a long way. If you can save up a few months living expenses and just make the leap, (assuming of course that Argentina and Europe have some kind of working visa/holiday visa agreement), you would likely have a better chance. You can also then start to go to events in those cities, check out potential teaching spots at universities, and make some contacts. 

Best of luck!

Aug 22, 14 9:23 am

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