Help with interior design for 1st apartment



im not sure if this is the correct forum but i was looking for someone interior planning, etc for my new apartment which is being constructed.

i tried looking for free forums/communities who help you with this kind of stuff but was not able to find any.


can someone here suggest a forum where i could upload my floor plan and get some tips?

my house is in wall building stages now, so i need to let them know if i want any walls/partitions changed, etc.



Aug 20, 14 2:38 am

Maybe this will help. 


Aug 20, 14 3:43 am

"tried looking for free forums/communities who help you with this kind of stuff but was not able to find any."

You still haven't found one.

Stop being cheap - hire an architect or interior designer to help you with this problem. "Free" design help is worth exactly what you pay for it.

Aug 20, 14 5:04 am
Non Sequitur

Here is some free int-des advice:

Get rid of all those load-bearing walls, they are not necessary.

Aug 20, 14 8:18 am

Kunalap, I believe your need is too expansive suggesting moving walls/partitions. Buildings are complex things and sometimes involve complex analysis. Seeking advice on a single issue, asking for an opinion, solving a singular problem or how to choose something is a manageable approach.

The reason you have not found a site with free help is because no one in this country works for free, do you? Try choosing a singular need along your path and come back and it will be welcome.

Aug 20, 14 8:32 am

My advice: don't wear a chanel top with walmart sneakers...

In other words- have the money to do the entire project the way you want it; have a balance... don't do an entire house extension only to have to buy ikea cabinets...

Aug 20, 14 8:58 am

perhaps consider backing out of the contract on this apartment and moving into one that you can afford?

Aug 20, 14 9:06 am

Why is everyone being so rough on this guy? At least he asked politely if this was the right place. The usual dipshits just post pictures and expect immediate expert response.

That being said, consulting starts at $250 / hr. plus expenses.

Aug 20, 14 9:12 am
Non Sequitur

I'll undercut Miles and set my fees at $249 per hour.

Aug 20, 14 10:16 am

So begins the race to the bottom.

By the end of this thread someone will be paying the OP for the opportunity to work.

Aug 20, 14 10:21 am

$251, but i'll add value to the process.

Aug 20, 14 10:47 am

I'll do it for $50 an hour- I'm a fresh grad

Aug 20, 14 12:31 pm

$50? Oh hell, lets just end this, I’m retired, just send me the pictures and I’ll do it for nothing.

And so it goes.

Aug 20, 14 12:40 pm
Tinbeary There there

Ooh, I'll bid.

$250 for 2.5 hours of consulting on site (plus travel expenses) and I will create and leave a scaled drawing of the plan that we design together. 

Aug 20, 14 4:16 pm

Habitat for humanity does free stuff....what part of Liberia is you apartment in?

Aug 20, 14 6:03 pm

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