Anyone Recommend Structural Engineering books?


Hello Archinect, I have not posted here in a while. So I have a couple questions, I plan on applying for M.Arch programs for fall of 2015. I would like to purchase some books on structures and formulas. What would anyone here recommend? Thanks.

Aug 18, 14 5:51 pm

I don't know your background, but for bachelor level vector mechanics, I highly recommend Irving Shames Statics and dynamics. The material is explained in a lot of details. I would do the exercices in the Beer and Johnston textbook since there is a solution manual. 

Aug 18, 14 10:04 pm

Thanks for the reply Dany, I do not hold a bachelors degree in architecture. I have it in Finance. I should've been more specific, I plan on the M.Arch 3 year option. I do plan on applying to public state schools, such as UTexas, Cal-Berkeley & UMich. 

Aug 20, 14 8:50 pm

If you want to know what kind of structures can be used for design, I would then recommend to start with Form and forces by Edward Allen and Structure as Architecture by Andrew Charleson. There are no calculus nor vector algebra in these books so it is a good intro.

At UMich they use "Statics and Strength of Materials for Architecture and Building Construction by B. Onouye" for the structure course. (Look for their syllabus online). 

Irving Shames, Meriam and Beer and Johnston are textbook for engineering. Shames is very well explained so it could be interesting for you since you probably know some calculus. 

Aug 21, 14 1:38 pm

i've heard structure in architecture by mario salvadori is a good intro.  oddly enough, i've found the ARE study guides have helped me understand the application of structural principles to the profession more than school ever did... though they're probably not a good introduction.

Aug 21, 14 9:41 pm

Simplified Engineering... "Ambrose"

Aug 22, 14 11:02 am

I agree with subgenius; Simplified Engineering for Architects... series of books is the best.

The ARE is based on this book. It is really the only structural book you need to study as an architect.

Aug 27, 14 7:36 pm

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