Next wave of big names in architecture...


Who do you think are the next big names in architecture? Not necessarily the young stars, just the ones on the cusp of a global recognition, or perhaps even "regional starchitect" status...

Some that come to mind for me (in no particular order):

Byoung Soo Cho - South Korea

Luis Longhi - Peru

Anna Neimark - Los Angeles, CA

Fernando Romero - Mexico

Sou Fujimoto - Japan

Ma Yansong - Beijing (Maybe too famous for this list)

Laura Baird (OMA)- Rotterdam

Nicolas Fayad (Morphosis)- Los Angeles, CA

Smiljan Radic - Chile

Dan Wood - New York, NY

Bolle Tham & Martin Videgard - Sweden

Mark Anderson & Peter Anderson - San Francisco, CA

Hagy Belzberg (Also, perhaps already there) - Santa Monica, CA

Carlos Bedoya Ikeda - Mexico

Tom Wiscombe - Los Angeles, CA

Thom Faulder - Oakland, CA

Tine Helgi - Norway (Firm's super famous, but not necessarily her)

Felipe Mesa - Colombia

Giancarlo Mazzanti - Colombia

Martin Rein-Cano - Germany

Aug 18, 14 3:53 am
Non Sequitur

I recognize none of these names.

Aug 18, 14 8:43 am  · 

Kanye West

Aug 18, 14 9:05 am  · 

Is it because your name is not there?

Aug 18, 14 9:06 am  · 
Non Sequitur

DeTwan, why would my name be on such a list anyways?

Specific projects for the above list would be helpful.

Aug 18, 14 9:48 am  · 

At least three on this list are already big names. Sou Fujimoto, Smiljan Radic, and Bolle Tham & Martin Videgård have already received a fair bit of attention at the international level. I cannot comment on the rest.

Personally, I think the work of Gion Caminada is beginning to received a fair bit of attention. He also has already been published at the international level; however, his work is beginning to receive more attention.

Aug 18, 14 11:30 am  · 

Brad Pitt

Aug 18, 14 12:08 pm  · 

The point of the list is that you may not recognize the names of the list. I highly doubt you have comprehensive knowledge of all up-in-coming architects Non sequitur. Also, if you wanted projects of theirs, just Google it. It's not that hard.

What I was hoping to gain is that other would share names that were big in their part of the world/country with those of us always looking for new designers to learn from. 

Aug 18, 14 3:13 pm  · 

“Starchitect”? Isn’t that the same as “Wine-Snob”? I feel the same about “Starartist”. Name = Good is something that doesn’t equate. I was once in a collaborative charette and all asked to submit sketches for an athletic reuse project. To test my theory I pulled out my latest copy of Michael Graves’ book and hand re-sketched one of his most lauded works and submitted it with my name on it…..and it was rejected. Rest my case.

The great architectural firms are those that design within their regional vernacular capturing the feel and smell of the environment they live and work in, like Lake-Flato in Texas, Morter Architects in Colorado and architects like Fay Jones in Arkansas.

Aug 18, 14 6:45 pm  · 


Lake Flato as well as Fay Jones would both be considered "regional starchitects" for lack of a better term. They arrived at that position by being good at what they do. Is it too much to ask others for whom they think are on that level? Why does every mention of the generic term "starchitect" warrant the same off-topic circle-jerking. Fuck. 

My sole purpose is to learn about architects from different regions of the world that are good at what they do, but my not have the "brand name" that allows me to find them easily. Anyone with THOSE kind of suggestions are more than welcome here (Like jw468 for example)


Aug 18, 14 9:56 pm  · 


I guess....when your father in law is the richest man in the world you can buy your way in right?

Aug 18, 14 11:03 pm  · 

Maybe we could have an American Idol type "regional starchitect" competition. The winner would be featured on Pimp My House

It doesn't matter who the judges are, the public votes by texting.

Aug 18, 14 11:10 pm  · 

It's just so hard to get excited about any such speculation.  With our current ascotted architectural grandfathers and traditional modes of practice already so tired, it's very difficult to get excited about their kids and grandkids who seem to be working in the same manner: cultivating their own personalities, running offices on undercompensated labor, and many more interested in the dialogue that happens within institutions than a real conversation with, you know, people and cities and what it means to live in them if you aren't an oligarch.

So although this might be important for the editors of Azure, I would like to think that the next important thing won't be the reinvention of a single family home, an installation, a private gallery, or made by someone related by marriage to Carlos Slim...

Aug 18, 14 11:35 pm  · 


I see your opinion, I can understand it, and I don't think you're wrong. But we're in the times that we're in...barring the entirety of academia shifting it's current pedagogy, we're likely to be in it longer still. Within that time, architects must practice. And I believe that, to some degree, architects are part artist. While many may not NEED recognition, they would certainly appreciate it. As we all know very well I am sure, architecture is a grueling workload for which you are rarely compensated fairly, and thus recognition plays its part is satiating the over-work, under-paid labor trolls that we are. 

All that aside, who do you know of who would deserve some of that recognition?

Aug 18, 14 11:49 pm  · 

definitely nobody here flirting with anything resembling stardom, but solid projects abound amongst these offices:!/

RCR Arquitectes

Aug 19, 14 12:31 am  · 

Your list is hardly a GLOBAL...
No Australian or SE Asia based firm....?

WOHA , Singapore
LAVA, ..... ( offices in EU, AUS)
Andrew Maynard (AUS)...

blah blah..
Have you even heard about Ashton Raggatt Mcdougall ?

Aug 19, 14 1:58 am  · 

MrMayberry, the problem isn’t the work it’s the people. The problem is when the media started attaching the word “Star” as a prefix to the word “Architect” it distracts too much from the work. Attaching the term “Avant-Garde” to works of architecture and art is more appropriate and has been done since the Renaissance. Being lead in new directions is essensal, having historical names like Corbu, Saarinen, Wright & Mies are critical to architectural history & education as a point of reference in how we got here. Today though, through the media, some architects are being called “Star” and are being used to further non-architectural agendas and some are allowing it to happen. In many ways the Avant-Garde is in present day a novelty and our cities shouldn’t be filled with it

Today I suppose the correct term is not definable by the public and can’t be placed on the cover of Time and I also suppose that any promotion of our profession is for the common good but too much of that holds to the public as “this Is Architecture” when its not. The Avant-Garde leads to creation of new vernaculars of architecture, look to Ronchamp (1954) and then look at how the design elements are being proliferated today.

We architects should not be promoting individuals as stars or calling them stars, the architects on your list are in present day creating novel works and I guess its fun to wax together where the next-movement might come from but remember that some attempts are bowel-movements and too much of this exposed widely to the public can be a bad thing.

Sorry for the interruption.

Aug 19, 14 11:40 am  · 

Junya Ishigami - Japan

Aug 19, 14 12:46 pm  · 

Thank you to wunder_waffle, fartchitect, and SiameseDream for their contributions to the list. Much appreciated. Though, I hardly claimed my list to be global, I am just open to architects from around the world being ON the list.

Carrera, that was a well articulated point. I'll try to keep that in mind when using the term
"Starchitect". It's not even so much the branding of "who's the next starchitect" I was going for, but rather who would deserve such recognition for the solid designs they have been producing. To reiterate, the goal of this thread is to discover quality architects who would otherwise escape me. I felt Archinect has a large enough reach,with posters from around the world who could share with me who they admired in their part of the globe.

Aug 21, 14 2:59 am  · 
pale shelter

speaking of work by Sou Fujimoto and similar others contemporary 'star-architect' work: I find this image amusing (Below). What do you think she's contemplating??? How could you live in this?! (you can not)....  I ceased the purchasing of 'star-architect', 'top 40', 'architect now' bogus bullsht books a few years into professional practice. Why? Because a lot of this is striving to be different..for the sake of being different; often unlivable spaces, looks-great-in-a-rendering, self architect-masterbated bogus crap. I think this stuff is obsessed over by young architects still in school. OP; don't buy into the hype. I'm 30, don't consider me older... but wiser?? At some point you realize you should be thankful there's less Zaha Hadid work in the world... Don't get me wrong; there's a place every once in a while ... but you soon learn that 98% of the public can't relate and find it distasteful and trendy.

Aug 21, 14 1:54 pm  · 

say what you want about 'livability' or whatever, that's a great picture.

check out how they hid the size of the hinge by opening the door just right.  how do you suppose they got it to stay propped open?  and they added just a touch of color with the stuff in the back left corner.  they just need to photoshop out what appears to be an exhaust vent at the top.  starts to make it all to real.

Aug 21, 14 2:03 pm  · 

Pale Shelter, 

While I would never presume to judge you for your opinion, I'm sure you have valid reasons why you believe what you do, I would hope you'd have the same respect for me. Did I mention obsessing over ANYONE? Much less Hadid. Some of the names on the list I DO look up to, Luis Longhi for example, but regardless, that is miles from the point. So instead of trying to preach and impart your own "wisdom"/opinion on others, put a few quality architects and the list. THAT would be much appreciated.

Also, see above comment for my hatred of this immature "starchitect" circle-jerk bashing. It's irrelevant here.

Thank you.

Aug 21, 14 6:21 pm  · 
drums please, Fab?

Design, bitches!

Aug 21, 14 7:24 pm  · 

I have the same exhaust fan as the one in that pic!

Aug 21, 14 7:27 pm  · 


Aug 21, 14 7:46 pm  · 

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