Helpful books for programming and initiating a project for an Architect student


Hey there,

As the title implies, I'm seeking helpful books regarding programming, and basically starting with a new project. I've found dealing with big programs and functions a bit hard to deal with, and you know how hard it can be to find really helpful info regarding the topic.


Also regarding the design/form, I fully realize it depends on the person and the approach they usually take. But is Visualizing it using sketch-up, 3ds max, or any other program  from the get go a wise approach ? & how helpful can Revit be ?


Thanks in advance.

Aug 11, 14 5:56 pm

Get "Problem Seeking" by William Pena it’s an industry programming Bible. Used it for 30 years from church projects to a $750,000,000. New Urbanism Community Project. It teaches a technique to draw-out and define programs and breakdown the program into manageable parts and ideas that should be explored during the design. It organizes and categorizes things into Goals-Facts-Concepts-Needs-Problems. It’s an off-shoot from Disney Imagineering. There is another book called the same thing authored by HOK Inc. but I have not read it.

First you must Seek The Problem, then State The Problem then start the drawings to Solve The Problem. I think you will find this process, as I did. enlightening and liberating from the puzzle of design.

Aug 12, 14 8:35 pm

Great suggestion, Carrera. 

Aug 12, 14 8:37 pm

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