Free CAD files of 241 cities


I've prepared 241 CAD files of metropolitan areas around the world, in .DXF format.

These files have layers for roads, buildings footprints, parks and more. They're scaled to meters in project coordinates.

This is a first release, so I'm looking for feedback on how these can be more useful to the Archinect community.


Aug 4, 14 12:46 pm

Oh Wow, thats awesome, thanks!

Aug 4, 14 5:37 pm

Thank you!

Aug 4, 14 9:40 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

Insanely awesome, good stuff.

Aug 4, 14 10:34 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_


Aug 4, 14 11:05 pm

Great, nice work.

Aug 4, 14 11:18 pm

good stuff.

Aug 5, 14 12:06 am

Absolutely fantastic!

Aug 5, 14 9:50 pm
Thank you!
Aug 5, 14 9:52 pm

Fantastic, thanks. I'm curious though: what's the copyright attribution requirement on this?

Aug 7, 14 7:33 pm

Hi Chch,

The guidelines for attribution of OpenStreetMap data are here:

Aug 7, 14 7:44 pm

As an aside... One thing I noticed was that the Pantheon is missing in the Rome map... At least I think it is.

Aug 7, 14 8:05 pm

You can use this with the contours from to make 3d models.


Search for the location you want, select the rectangle you want to download, select "US Topo", enter an email (legit, they send a link), log in, download, then use illustrator to go in and extract the contour lines. keep the graphical scale when you export to dwg so you can scale it up to its proper size, then align with the city map and bob's your uncle. 

Aug 8, 14 3:59 pm

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