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Hi All,

A friend getting an urban policy degree asked if I could suggest some readings on urban design for her. I've recommended a couple already, but was interested to see what the forum has to say. Readings need not be related policy in any way; rather they should be related to architecture and urban design.

Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions, I'm sure she'll appreciate it!

Aug 3, 14 4:06 pm

Everything by Jane Jacobs.

Aug 3, 14 5:04 pm

Jane Jacobs? Lololol. 

Collage City//Design of Cities//Image of the City

Nuff Said. 

Aug 3, 14 5:35 pm

Architecture of the City - Aldo Rossi

Aug 3, 14 7:00 pm

I haven't read that book access. The wiki(that's reliable, right?) mentions the city remembers it's past through "collective memory". Is that like cognitive image mapping, or....

Aug 3, 14 8:51 pm

Edmund Bacon, Design of Cities

John Reps, The Making of Urban America

Carol Willis, Form Follows Finance

Aug 4, 14 8:32 pm

For a practical but excellent overview of urban design in practice (although focused on the UK, completely relevant to urban design practice in general), I suggest the Urban Design Compendium publications which can be downloaded for free here:

Aug 5, 14 4:46 am

Thanks, all! This is really great!

Aug 6, 14 7:46 pm

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