Salary after taxes in New York?


Hi , I'm a Junior architect (29 years old), graduated in Europe with 3-4 years experience in Top architecture firms.

I recently won the green card and I'm now moving with my husband to New York. So I'm now looking for a job.

I have already different interviews scheduled for the next weeks. How much can I ask for salary? And how much could be my salary after taxes? 

I cannot find anywhere how much the % of taxes on salary are in New York. 

Thank yo for your help!

Ciao Ciao

Aug 3, 14 10:01 pm


Put 3.648% for New York City Income Tax.

Put 6.85% for New York State Income Tax.

It'll automatically calculate the Federal Income Tax based on the salary you input.

This isn't 100% accurate because it all varies based on your deductions, but it should give you a solid idea in my opinion.


The calculator will automatically determine your federal income tax bracket.


You're roughly looking at 28% + 3.648% + 6.85% = 38.5% Tax on your salary in NYC.  However, this is on your taxable income, not your entire salary; so use the calculator to get a more accurate (but not definitive) figure.


P.S. If any of this is wrong and someone living in New York would like to correct, please do by all means.  I don't live there and the information I've posted is just from the web.

Aug 4, 14 1:38 am

A.I thank you for the informations!

If some one from NYC could confirm that I would appreciated! 

Aug 4, 14 2:00 pm

Really is that something real? It's super strange!

Well I can imaging that for starting I will ask just for a salary. But I will ask information about that...

Aug 4, 14 2:46 pm

graduatedlicensure...please tell us more about how we can call our salaries "allowances" and avoid income taxes.  I can't wait to hear the details, as I'll save a fortune!

Aug 5, 14 3:23 pm

Nikiname are you Italian?

Sep 3, 14 1:19 pm

yes! :) 


Sep 3, 14 1:30 pm
global_architect is a good start for salary information

Pro's for NYC:

  • Many, many firms of every scale and type.
  • Due to the financial crisis in 2009/10, there aren't as many architects with your level of experience, specifically actual construction experience in the US, which gives a bit of an edge to those who have it.

Con's for NYC:

  • It is a competitive market for employees, meaning the income to cost-of-living ratio here is a bit depressed.
  • The benchmark salary (based on the high cost of living) in this city seems to be 80k, which is certainly not true for junior architects.

The work here is also a bit heavy on the interior / refurbishment side, which may or may not be to your liking

Sep 11, 14 4:45 pm

Sorry for the late response Nikiname. I'm Italian too. I live in NY, if you want some advice you can contact me. It's too complicated to write how thing are compared to Italy. 

Last year for example I've paid taxes together with my wife, i think it is better than paying your takes alone. And it wasn't 1/3 of the stipend. 

Nov 18, 14 10:19 am

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