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I'm currently finishing my B.Arch in Brazil and have interest in continuing my studies abroad. My main area of interest is Urban Design, and I'm trying to find a program that will give me a lot of studio hours but also a resarch development possibility, as I pretend to pursue a PHD afterwards. 

I've already looked at Harvard GSD, but it would be very aggrandizing to hear different opinions about other schools and programs. The location doesn't matter that much, it could be either the US, Europe or as far as Australia or Hong Kong.  So, does anyone have some insight?


Thank you all for your time!! :)

Jul 30, 14 6:09 pm

Australia would be nice.

Jul 30, 14 11:10 pm

If you are looking at Australia, the Masters of Urban Design at RMIT in Melbourne would be one to look at.

It is a studio/design based program, if that is what interests you.

Jul 31, 14 2:09 am

Although a while ago now, I got my MUD from Washington University in St Louis and subsequently practiced as an urban designer.  I enjoyed the program and particularly the studios.  Some of the staffing has since changed, but I'd definitely suggest it for a look!

Jul 31, 14 4:41 am

Thank you for all the help. I'm kind of worried since most programs don't have the option for developing  a thesis, which would be very important for my future PHD plans. Is it only GSD that offers the thesis option?

Aug 1, 14 1:46 pm
Hsin-Han Lee

Come to UMICH.

Apr 5, 15 2:52 am

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