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i am a fresh graduate from a 5 year architecture program in the UAE -the country which has Dubai-  and now looking for a job in the UK. 

i have a bachelor's degree and i don't seem to understand what is the equivalent of my degree in the british system, since it has part 1 and part 2?

i know that my degree is NAAB accredited but not sure if RIBA accredited too!

i know that Part 1= 3 years diploma program 

and Part 2= part1 +2 more years of masters

so the question is my 5 year degree of bachelors is equal to........?

and do i have the right to work here if my degree has an equal???

please help 

thanks :)

have a good day 

Jul 29, 14 8:31 pm

Your right to work in the UK is dependent on your visa, not on your degree.  If you were very serious about coming to the UK and having difficulty with this, you could look at getting your degree recognized to make it official (see 

The real way to translate for people is to understand the system you took your degree under.  If you were to continue through to licensure/registration in the UAE, what do you have left to do?  If you have another degree to do, then I'd say regardless of years spent, you are equivalent to Part I.  If you have finished education and only need the practical experience/examination phase, then you are equivalent to Part II.

Having done this myself however, I would say that whatever you say will always be met with some skepticism and you are likely to be downgraded initially until you prove your capabilities and build up work experience.

Good luck!

Jul 31, 14 4:50 am
Architect with a suitcase

I presume you attended AUS as that is the only accredited school in the UAE.

Kayla there is no registration process for architects in the UAE. 

Your portfolio is what a potential employer will look at. Practices in London employ people from all over the world. 

You have completed somewhere between Part I and Part II, as you have completed 3.5 years of only architecture education, and 1.5 years of general education. UK universities do not study general education when you study architecture. It is assumed you completed this at high school.

You need to ensure that you can work in the UK  and the procedure, and that can be checked on line at

There is an AIA chapter in London so they may be able to help you.

Aug 30, 14 12:13 am

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