Book advice - architectural theory for high school student?


Hello forum.  Can anyone recommend an introduction to architectural theory book that isn't too heavy or onerous as I'm looking for it for a 15 year old?  She's expressed an interest in architectural theory from how I've talked about it, but most of my books are pretty dry and picture-light which I'm afraid would be more of a turn off than a turn on.  Thanks for your help!

Jul 28, 14 12:13 pm

Form, Space, and Order by D.K. Ching

That book is a standard for most intro to design classes across the country.

Jul 29, 14 12:35 pm

^ ^ To add, I've also found "Analysing Architecture" by Simon Unwin to be a great complimentary book to Ching's F/S/O. It covers many of the same themes but in a different way.

Jul 29, 14 1:31 pm

I second Analysing Architecture. It's simplicity makes it one of my favorite books on architecture. Very good for beginners (and great to read again after a few years of experience with a different perspective.

Jul 29, 14 2:40 pm

I received Form, Space, Order for Christmas when I was about 13.  I loved it.

Jul 29, 14 2:47 pm

For An Architecture of Reality by Michael Benedikt.  It's a short, very accessible read that talks about how we respond physically to materials and spaces.  Very lovely and poetic, though the black and white images are not high-quality reproduction. 

Jul 29, 14 3:40 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

I second Donna's recommendation, that was freshman year required reading and have read it at least 10 times since, its a good primer and reset button.

Jul 29, 14 8:36 pm

Thanks for all the feedback!

Jul 30, 14 10:07 am

I think the Unwin or Ching look best for her.... I'll see if I can find some copies to look at as opposed to the screen preview... or mabye I just need to have them for my library! ;)

Jul 30, 14 10:19 am
Theory and Design in the First Machine Age by Reynar Banham. We read this in Grad School.
Jul 31, 14 9:25 pm

Personally, I really like Thermal Delight in Architecture, by Lisa Heschong.

Jul 31, 14 10:31 pm

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