2011 M.Arch Applicants - Final Results, Decisions, Stats, GPA, GRE, TOEFL, Letters Portfolios, etc.


25/f/white american- BS Architectural Studies/Interior Design, University of Missouri
- 3.95
- don't remember my GRE scores.  I really feel like they aren't important for Arch schools, at least on the west coast.
- 3 rec letters from former professors
- Probably my personal essay.  I was in the army reserves for 6 years and during my whole undergrad and deployed to war twice. 
-Applied to UCLA and SCIarc.  Accepted to SCIarc with half scholarship. (I am stuck in LA while my husband is getting his EE Ph.D at USC, hence only applying to the two good schools in LA)
- Taking Physics online/independent study right now
- Was really excited about SCIarc when I visited there before applying.  UCLA I was less impressed with, but enjoy the campus as a whole, and Westwood is one of the best parts of LA.
- Starting at SCIarc this summer!

Apr 16, 11 4:35 am  · 

oh yeah, I forgot to add that I have approx. 2 years of experience working as an interior designer in hospitality.  This basically means that I have been doing construction docs and a little bit of actual design.

Apr 16, 11 4:36 am  · 

-BA University of California, Santa Cruz: Art History
-GPA: 3.56
-GRE: V: 590 Q: 790
-"interned" (have issues with that term in this profession) summers from 15-22 at a small arch. firm, then traveled for 1.5 years while applying to school. incorporated these travels heavily into essays.
-recs from two professors (painting and thesis advisor), my boss of 7 summers, and my year abroad advisor (a stretch, but she notoriously gives amazing recs and while i didn't keep in great contact we had a good relationship while i studied in italy)
-award for thesis, and a couple fellowship awards to continue my undergrad thesis abroad, nothing published from it (yet!).
      - keep in mind, application for NON-architectural background, so no fancy renderings and such.

IN: Rice (13K), UC Berkeley (zilch)
OUT: GSD (moonshot), UT Austin
WAIT: UCLA (told them thanks but no thanks)

Going to Rice! Praying for more fin. aid!

Apr 16, 11 2:00 pm  · 

-32/female/white (am way older than all of you - am also married with two children - not that it matters, just for more useless stat information)

-BA Interior Architecture/Design from CSU Sacramento

-GPA 3.59

-GRE 490V; 550Q; 5.0W

-Letters from three different professors and a former design firm employer


In: Syracuse ($6,000-first year only)

Rensselaer Polytechnic ($15,000/yr.)

Cornell ($28,000/yr.)

U of Colorado - Denver (w/no funding - beware future applicants - dept. said they had no money to give away)


Out: Yale, Wash U., U of Oregon, U of Washington, Wash. State U., UPenn


No question about it for me: going to Cornell this fall - Oh, and M. Arch I, by the way.

Apr 22, 11 11:15 pm  · 

@abyssinian easy choice, full scholarship. Dude your work is amazing. great port. btw, what programs did you use for the illustrations, diagrams, and views?


@simpliformed great port as well. very interesting concept for that Michigan ave. really liked that. What programs did you use for the projects in your port?

Apr 24, 11 11:48 am  · 


Apr 24, 11 12:11 pm  · 

@MrSim - thank you.  Are you also attending an M. Arch program, or by saying you're entering the field, do you mean you're working?  I am just hoping that I'm not seen as an old lady by the other students!  Thanks again for the kind words...

Apr 26, 11 2:28 pm  · 

27/male/white/Los Angeles, CA
GRE ~1000, 4W
B.Arch University of Arizona '09
GPA 3.27

GSD- (16k grant, 13k subsidized loan, $750 work) A bunch of great information via mail!!
MIT- (5k grant) no info
Columbia- (forgot to fill out aid form = $0) a crummy post card
UCLA- ($?) no letter yet, only a two line email about a week ago
Michigan- (8k) A ton of great free goodies/ info!


I will be attending the GSD!!!!
Great faculty/students/alumni. Everyone seems very engaged and excited to be part of such a diverse and amazing institution.

Apr 26, 11 6:06 pm  · 

To Jumperman18, Congratulation! May I ask what GSD program are you admitted to?

Apr 26, 11 7:33 pm  · 



Sure, Master of Architecture and Urban Design (MAUD)

Apr 27, 11 12:21 pm  · 

@ Jumperman18. Thank you. Congratulations again for the GSD program and loan you got. I heard GSD is not so generous for scholarship but yours is really high! I'm a student of architecture and will also apply for GSD's MAUD program this fall. Is it ok if I contact you by email for several short questions on this degree program?  My email address is: Thanks and have a good time at Harvard!

Apr 27, 11 8:56 pm  · 

@maryagnes, @MrSim, I'm 32 and just starting too... Ha, all this time thought I was the only person over 30 crazy enough to be starting architecture school. Good luck to you both!

Apr 27, 11 9:40 pm  · 

@mikaelam - oh, good.  That is music to my ears.  Yeah, somehow passing 30 makes me feel so old to be in school.  Good luck to you, too!  Where are you headed this fall?

Apr 28, 11 6:49 pm  · 

26  M  White

BFA Photography and Theory / University of British Columbia 2008

IN ARCH Summer Program / UC Berkeley 2010

3 years work experience documenting for a gallery and working as a picture framer


GPA: ~2.8-3.0 (Slightly different grading system)

Major and Upper Division: 3.3

GRE: 1100 / 5.5  .... horrific verbal


Letters of Rec: Three Professors. I had close relationships with all of them. The letters were glowing and I probably wouldn't have gotten into a program without them.

I also think my statement was strong. I was pretty successful in describing why I desired the shift in focus.

Portfolio: Pretty comprehensive. Included photos and sculpture. The projects from my summer program were at the forefront. I got feedback from 2 of the programs I was rejected from, and they said they really liked my portfolio. I think I could have done better.





Dalhousie BEDS




UT Austin (waitlisted)



I just finished my first class at CCA.


I'm late in posting but I wanted to share my application experience with future applicants who might have had unsatisfactory ungrad transcripts. I wasn't completely successful, but I was able to get into a program that completely satisfied what I was looking for both academically and economically (they gave me a good amount in scholarships). In the end I wouldn't have been able to leave the area, and after experiencing some of what Berkeley had to offer I feel like CCA is better suited for me.


The summer program was helpful with building my portfolio but it benefitted me more so in helping me realize that architecture was something that I really want to pursue. I do wonder what my results would have been like if I waited and put more time into my application in general. At the same time I don't really care. I do think that, after corresponding with Texas, some of the state schools tend to be focused on past academic success more than other schools, and also perhaps more than they would like to acknowledge. I guess I was only surprised by my rejection from Oregon though.




Aug 22, 11 3:57 pm  · 

JUMPERMAN- is there a way i can contact you personally. stupid achinect doesn't let us Private message

Aug 23, 11 2:24 pm  · 

ALso underslept, can you post your portfolio?

Aug 23, 11 2:26 pm  · 

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