Working in South Korea


Does anyone knows if there is any firm in Korea tend to hire international architects? I couldn't even find much office on the net.. Visa or work permit is no problem but i have no idea how the language looks like.. Would it be a problem?

Jul 24, 14 1:01 pm


Jul 26, 14 5:44 am

Submit an application in Korean. You tell me how it looks.

Jul 26, 14 3:48 pm

very clever..

anyone else?

Jul 27, 14 11:56 am

would be great to hear about it!

Jul 28, 14 3:20 am

Hey there ozkanyaz

I am a student in space and interior design, and was once super fond by the Korean culture and practice.I had tried finding for Korea company during my internship program, and what i had found out was with a certain degree of Korean speaking ability you will be gem for them. Due to the ability of speaking multiple languages, it will grant you a better change into the company.Though i am not so sure, but you can take a look a companies like

Choi&Shine is a pretty cool company though,  cheers

Aug 4, 14 5:11 am

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