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Carerra, sorry to hear that the thing that broke you down was your condition. Have you ever wonder where you could have taken your business to if you don't have that condition? May be it also made you wonder had you don't have a disadvantage you probably wouldn't have that driving force in the first place to work extra hard. 

I honestly think I'm talking to the future of someone I wanted to become when you started mentioning that "Architects have an advantage over developers and real estate guys" I couldn't agree with you more on those examples you jotted down. I also know that the statement is only true if Architects have the interest are willing to learn and understand real estate and development. 

To answer your question, I'm just a boring Architect in his 30s who came from an poor - average background. I always wanted to be a designer and builder since I was a little kid. I have a passion in designing houses as soon as I can walk. I would normally hog the Legos back in kindergarten and build Multi storey buildings which no other kid would think about building with Legos in my class. As a kid I also make models out of toothpicks and puddle pop sticks whenever I'm bored at home. It always fascinates me to imagine myself in smaller scale walking through all the models I built and what it will be like to occupy the space. By high school I figured out what actually wanted to do and that's to design and build. But I didn't want to be building under instructions of a designer of a particular building hence why I chose Architecture. I was once told by one of my technical drawing teachers in 8th grade that I should consider becoming an Architect. I remember asking him a silly question if architects make a lot of money and he quickly reply "yes of course they do, they are equal level as doctors and lawyers" haha he was wrong. Anyway I believed him and pursue my career. Scrapped through school and got into university and quickly learnt from lecturers and tutors about the truth that Architects don't earn very much and even said don't go there unless you have the hearts for it because if it's about the money then we should all go pick another career. But I stuck till the end because I also believe there is a break through regardless of all the negativity I hear about the profession. 

Pale Shelter, I think we all shared the same frustration of going through the "first hurdle" you mentioned. When I figured out that people need capitals to make money or even to borrow money from the bank you need money or capitals, I started looking at other ways to fast track the finance side of things. Like extra work on the side, work weekends, looking at investing in small businesses or franchising which is totally unrelated to my field. But after looking for a while I figure for the effort, risk, and investment involve and looking at the return, I'm better of doing what I'm good at and just keep saving up until I am ready. I now own 1 property on my own and 2 other properties with my wife. Hopefully a potential equity. I'm not sure if I can use the word "own" since it's still in mortgage. But this is not bad from someone who started from scratch who's parent's have always rented. I'm just grateful that we no longer paying rent anymore. I think for me the only way to prepare for the first hurdle is to save, save and save and wait for the right opportunity. Small projects are a good to experiment with. It will be my ultimate dream come true if I can start and finish a project from initial design all the way through to selling it to a buyer and make a decent profit. I agree, we can probably dream talk all day in forums like other treads but I feel talking to someone who has been there before like Carrera gives a better and more realistic insights. My pen and notes pad's out.

Jul 21, 14 8:52 pm

Exceptions abound, I’m shocked by pockets of new expensive homes going up in my area but there are always young fillys with old husbands looking for new granite countertops and islands in the kitchen. These people are not buying with their heads their buying with their genitals.

It's sad to see this happening everywhere. It's also sad to say this but for developers and real estate people, they probably don't mind these genitals buyers.

Jul 21, 14 8:59 pm

Snoopy316, thanks for taking my suggestion for moving our discussion to a proper forum, but this isn’t going to work, the way you framed it. You can see the reaction. Please consider taking this down and re-boot with perhaps….

Architects as Contractors or Developers

Had an unrelated forum elsewhere and as things do it drifted into a different subject and it was suggested that I start this new forum to see what might develop. I realize that this subject has been discussed elsewhere and before but I seek perhaps a more concentrated exchange.

I am a younger architect with an interest in developing. Nothing big of course at first but interested in how to get started, what’s involved and the risk-reward.

Interested too in the bigger picture of architects adding construction and or development to their life’s work or practice. Seems to me that these avenues could yield more control over our work and be an enhancement to being an architect. What about the idea of architects reclaiming the title MASTER BUILDER?

I offer the attached link of our former discussions to help perhaps get things started.

Jul 22, 14 12:43 pm

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