Biggest problem for Architects

Hi I would like to know the biggest problems faced when working on projects designs etc. at a firm.
Jul 21, 14 4:49 pm

liability and budget

Jul 21, 14 4:54 pm
Non Sequitur

3rd: dealing with the incompetence of consultants, city officials and your fellow coworkers.

Jul 21, 14 5:20 pm

unreasonable schedules

Jul 21, 14 5:30 pm

non-paying clients.

Jul 21, 14 7:46 pm

From the infos gathered above, it is generally the three C's........ Clients, Consultants, and City Officials (Councils)

Jul 21, 14 9:09 pm

I don't think this is a single answer question.

There are so many different challenges that architects face when designing projects in an office setting, ranging from fickle clients with constant revisions, shifting budgets, inability to design within budgetary constraints (what is the difference between a house that is $350/sf & $400/sf?  probably just depends if the GC got laid the night before), value engineering, working with contractors that have the owners ear after construction and make design changes on the fly.  Having to make a field revision on something that is already built and being the guy that has to deliver that info to the party that made the mistake.  Reviewing deliberately confusing shop drawings.  Change orders. Realizing there is a huge hole (error or omission) in your construction drawings and trying to remedy the situation.  

Within an office, I think a clear design lead is critical, if not, things get changed numerous times, poor management, poor time management, being under paid and under appreciated. Working with phonies and charlatans (the industry is full of em).

Liability is a huge one, but can also be minimized by trying to work with good/sane contractors and clients.  Consultants, same thing, hire good ones.  City is just a hoop you have to jump through, plan accordingly time wise.  

I could go on and on, but that is a start....

Jul 21, 14 9:58 pm
I'll add ear hair to the mix. I have no clue where it is coming from, as I'm not balding.

Also, dating.
Jul 21, 14 10:54 pm

Problem? The whole thing is one big problem. Try being more specific. Nose hair? Ear hair? Try no hair! That’s what results from this profession.

Jul 22, 14 5:44 pm

i'd say the biggest problem in my office is knowing when to stop designing.  i've seen trace paper filled weeks eat up the entirety of a tiny fee on  a no-frills boring project thats supposed to be a quick in and out job to keep us all employed.  or if the client wants to add something stupid to the project last minute that doesn't go with the rest of the design... and instead of just adding it and calling it done we have to sacrifice our time with no additional fee just to make it not look like crap.  the less you care, the more money you make.

Jul 23, 14 9:19 pm


Jul 23, 14 9:54 pm

+++ jla-x

In more ways than one.

Jul 23, 14 10:12 pm

Anyone notice their nipple hairs?  I have about a dozen growing out from each nipple and need to pluck them out every week or else they're about an inch long and I get laughed at while lounging by the beach.  This started happening after I joined architecture school ><

Jul 23, 14 11:02 pm

Do they poke out over the top of your bra?

Jul 23, 14 11:30 pm

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