Employment Advise for Work and Holiday Visa


I will be on a Work and Holiday Visa to Perth before transferring to a De Facto visa, and later PR. Just a little background on the visa:

- Stay in Australia for up to 1 year
- Allowed to work for a single employer for up to 6 months
- Allowed to study for up to 4 months

I've graduated with a bachelor degree in architecture and am now under employment. There are a few firms that have caught my attention, such as Cox+Bailey, Hassell, Fratelle, Iredale Pederson Hook, and Site Architecture, but I'm considering holding back my application to the 2nd half of the year because of the 6 month employment cap. 

What do you think? If you are an employer, would you hire if you knew the employee would have to leave in 6 months but could come back 6 months after that? Would unpaid internship help lengthen the period of exposure? Any thoughts and comments welcome.

Jul 15, 14 10:49 pm

In your case, I'd recommend going for smaller firms.

Unpaid internship is rare in the established firms ( the ones you metioned ) , they either take you (paid position) or they dont.  It's good to be upfront with your future employers regarding your circumstance but it can also significantly reduce your chance of getting hired as well.... use your judgment I'd say.

Give it a try and G' luck.

Jul 15, 14 11:42 pm

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