Help regarding software used for visualisation


I wanted to know which visualisation software is used to create the attached image. It seems to be a 3d form with some post production using photoshop i guess. Any help??

Jul 12, 14 12:49 pm

You can do that with a variety of software.  Revit, SketchUp, CAD, et cetera.  Photoshop was more than likely involved.  Cool diagram.  


If I were to make it, I'd use Revit to do all the mass and shadow work and Photoshop to add the people, trees, text, and color.

Jul 12, 14 1:54 pm

as jdparnell1218 stated there is a lot of 3d modeling software that could do that. However I am not quite sure that photoshop was used. To me it looks like it was all done with the help of Illustrator. is a good tutorial on taking a basic Rhino file and making it look nice in Illustartor.

Jul 12, 14 8:56 pm

^ I second lukeggg.

Jul 12, 14 9:15 pm
I'm guessing rhino and illustrator. Look up the make2d command for rhino
Jul 12, 14 11:25 pm

^ I second this... rhino+illustrator

Jul 13, 14 7:24 pm

Thanks everyone. I am still a beginner in Rhino. Let me try that anyways.

Jul 14, 14 9:16 am

Meanwhile, if anyone can provide links for tutorials for making these kind of diagrams, plz share a link here.

Jul 14, 14 9:18 am

@lukeggg: The link seems dead.

Jul 14, 14 9:20 am

@Prasoon: The link still works for me, I just checked.

Another good resource for going from Rhino to Illustrator is Nick Senske. Here is one of his playlists. Videos 1-6 do a pretty good job of going through the entire process of using rhino, make2d, and changing attributes in Illustrator.

Jul 14, 14 1:39 pm

Great!! Thanks lukeggg...

Jul 15, 14 1:02 am

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