Selling designs?

Hey guys, excuse me in advance for my lack of knowledge, but I am in need of some serious money before November. As a high school student, would selling some designs or sketches that I draw and selling them be plausible? If so what precautions would I need to take such as warning somebody beforehand that they aren't actually to be built unless inspected and altered by a licensed architect or the such? Would selling this material be a way to make money from anyone interested? Or would I be blown off? Again, I'm just finding a way to make some easy money. Thank you all in advance for the help.
Jul 11, 14 11:54 pm

xD don't worry what they do with it ... You aren't the one building it. 

If you're too scared, just send the idiots who're willing to pay for design sketches to me.  I got plenty to sell them. lol

Jul 12, 14 1:04 am

Go for it. I'm sure that you can make some quick money selling your designs. It's really pretty easy to do. The contractor can take care of all of the systems/structural stuff. All you need to do is be creative!!!

Jul 12, 14 1:32 am

wow.... I wish I knew this when I was in HS. :)
Some easy money.. huh?

Jul 12, 14 10:12 am

I would like to see these "designs" that you would be selling to a client.  

As a high school student, I doubt they are worth the paper they are drawn on.

Jul 12, 14 7:46 pm
Lol you're probably right chigurh but people will pay money for a lot of stupid things.
Jul 12, 14 8:30 pm

You might also want to consider selling your designs to busy architecture offices. Some ready made designs could be real time savers for them and thus of value.

Jul 13, 14 1:42 pm
That is a good idea Haruki, thank you.
Jul 13, 14 4:16 pm

CD.Arch, it's good to be young and ambitious. I'm interested to know what kind of design were you thinking of selling and to who? to Architects? I know the majority of Architects wouldn't use anybody's design but their own even if they were given to them for free. Either that or they will completely change the design. I don't know, I think it might be an ego thing. 9 out of 10 Architects think that they are better than other Architects and "designing" are their greatest assets so to spend money buying a design from somebody else would be very rare. Designing is the fun part yet very hard to get right, that's why you only see the experience people in charge of the design while the graduates end up being the cad monkey in an office. Why would they be buying designs and not do their own design but pay cad monkeys to draft them up if they want to save time.

What if you sell your design to a client? well unless you can bring the project all the way to the final product which is the building, the chances are they will take your design and go to a building designer or an Architect, the designer or architects will probably tell the client that the design is not practical and completely change it.... probably even make fun of the design and tell the client it is probably done by an inexperience person.

The only thing left is family. Your family will be the only people who will be paying for the design. Most people start their business selling to family and friends. So I think this is your best bid. But sooner or later they will run out of steam trying to keep that motivation up for you. Unless they are well off.

My advice is keep that ambition with you, make it through high school, get yourself into a design school and learn the theory behind good designs. Once you finish your degree, get a job in a good firm and learn from there.

Good luck

Jul 14, 14 7:47 am
Non Sequitur

I hear McDonald's is hiring... probably more reasonable money there. There are real graduates attempting the same thing the OP suggest, not sure how a HS student can compete with that.

Jul 14, 14 8:37 am
I'd work at Mcdonalds if I had a license, and a car. I already am working on Saturdays. But that isn't making the money I need. Thank you for your post Snoopy, I figured that it was a shot in the dark but hey, can't blame me for trying huh?
Jul 14, 14 2:02 pm

I still doubt your designs are worth a crap, but the fact that you put yourself in a position to sell designs as a high school student shows ambition and suggests that you have more business acumen than about 99% of practicing architects out there.   

Snoopy is wrong...I wouldn't recommend studying design and going into the internship pipeline.  If you have clients willing to pay for your work, go for it.  This country was built on charlatans, invent who you want to be, sell it to yourself, sell it to the world. 

Jul 14, 14 3:49 pm

Can I ask why you need the money for my friend? Sometimes people need money desperately and they get all motivated and come up with all these great ideas. Sometimes those ideas are too good to be true. I have a college of mine who found out that her 2 year old son had cancer. Very sad. She is in need of money. She does fun raising along with her familiy. They have now raised over $100,000. Also appeared in local newspapers. 

Chigurh, I'm not sure if you're mocking the HS student or encouraging him. You are assuming that his work is worthless without even seeing it and then telling him that he can sell it to clients. You should know that designing buildings isn't something anyone can do out of the blue. You have to be able to explain and evaluate, there are environmental and cultural aspects to consider. Assuming you are an Architect or a designer being here. However I do agree with you that CD.Arch shouldn't be taking my advice if his motive are not design based but rather money making. Maybe a major in finance is more suitable.

Jul 14, 14 5:39 pm

But if you need the money for say an Xbox console or something then yes Mcdonalds are your best bid. You don't need a car to travel to Macdonalds. I'm sure there are public transports that can get you there. I doubt that everyone need to own a car to visit a Macdonalds store for some food. 

Jul 14, 14 5:42 pm

Sadly a perfect example of Chigurh's point about "This country was built on charlatans, invent who you want to be, sell it to yourself, sell it to the world" is Hernan Diaz Alonso being appointed director of Sci-ARC......... 

Jul 14, 14 5:59 pm

Hey Snoop, All I'm saying is that if he can swing it without school, he should. 

There are tons of developers that market themselves as "designers" and when they need something done, they find the people to do it (craigslist drafter posts) or they fake it till they make it.  

School is not necessary for success even in design and I'm sure you know that most architects suck at the business side of the practice.   This guy seems to have that figured out, so regardless of the validity of his designs, he should just sell what he can make money and do it as long as he can be successful.

Jul 14, 14 6:56 pm
I'm making money for a 16 day trip to Europe, to visit seven countries. I have other ways of making money, but with what I have now I am not on track to have the money in by the deadline. It was just an idea. I live too far out of our population 30,000 town for there to A. Be public transport, and B. Have any other ride to town. Ironically I'm selling my Xbox and a ton of games for this trip. I will be heading into town tomorrow to ask businesses to sponsor me, or perhaps get some work in. I also have a fundraising gig in line. All the materials should be here next week. But again, with limited time I was just looking for a way to sell something out of my house that I could have a steady supply of, and it's something I enjoy doing.
Jul 14, 14 9:27 pm
Also, I play guitar. I thought about going into town and playing on high traffic area but I would consider our town to be a cultural wasteland when it comes to stuff like that lol so maybe not.
Jul 14, 14 9:32 pm

Are there not any businesses that you can walk to from your home?  If so, can you just get a job at one of those?  You're in high school, you really don't have the pick of the litter when it comes to employment.  Just get a job that pays above minimum wage and work your butt off.

Jul 15, 14 12:08 pm
No, if I wanted to make money where I live it would be on a farm. Which isn't a bad idea. Maybe I will try that. I'm in town right now going to businesses asking for work or donations. 20 bucks and a ton of contacts isn't bad for a day. I have fundraiser a in line now too. Thank you guys for feedback on this thread.
Jul 15, 14 3:15 pm

Are we talking houses and strip mall build-outs? If so an unlicensed person can do these in my State without a seal. It depends on licensure/seal laws in your particular state. Follow gruen, its ok for “designers” to do work but if they want a seal you have to do the CD’s. If not, stay away. All this stuff is are cheap developers cutting corners at your expense. Just remember if something goes wrong you’ll be “The Daddy”.

Jul 17, 14 11:05 am

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