Wet walls. How to avoid it?


I'm curious about this building that i see from my condo. Why does it stay wet while nearby buildings don't? How bad is it? I'm guessing it could be a case study of what not to do in architecture.

It's in Colombes, France.

Jul 5, 14 10:43 am

many factors but the main one is that roof overhangs should be designed to drain water away from the building.  That area seems to have almost no overhang of the roof compared to other areas. 

Jul 5, 14 11:31 am

The other gable is an identical condition but doesn't have the same issue. 

Jul 5, 14 12:05 pm

My guess would be that there is either one of these, or a combination of these issues:


- flashing failing at those joints, or the terr-cotta has cracked. failed and no longer drains correctly.

- That front wall is no longer plumb - even 2 to 4 tenths of a degree will result in much more water sitting on the surfaces - especially since that looks like plaster and stucco or some type of gypsum finish. 

- The two gutters on the walls were incorrectly designed, or the building has settled and they have not been re-hung, and they are now draining towards that wet wall.

- someone really, really had to pee.

Jul 5, 14 1:09 pm
I'm voting for a wall that isn't anywhere near plumb.
Jul 6, 14 12:44 pm

How recently had it rained? How long does it take to dry? What is the wall made of - stucco over masonry? Is there staining? Can you take more/better pictures?

Jul 6, 14 3:22 pm

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