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Hi I am fresh to the field of architecture, I am actually starting my architecture classes my sophmore year of college. I would like to know just some basics of architecture just like things I need to know and any literary materials I should read to understand some basics. Any information is helpful.

Jul 2, 14 10:20 pm

north is up

you're welcome

Jul 2, 14 11:13 pm

Everything you need to know is right here:

Jul 2, 14 11:43 pm

Form, Space, and Order by D.K. Ching

That is a pretty standard book for aspiring students.  Read it cover to cover.

Jul 3, 14 10:57 am

this is just adorable...

Jul 3, 14 12:48 pm

North goes up.


Do a sketch a day. 


If you have a question about a design (your design, or someone else's) DRAW IT. You will find the answer in the drawing.


Sketch details when you are thinking about a plan - it will help to flesh out whatever concept you are working with.


Buy a ruler or calipers you can keep in your pocket. Obsessively measure hardware, material thicknesses, materials, expansion joints, etc... in buildings you enter/ inhabit/ admire.


Buy a small tape-measure and do the same. Measure spaces you enjoy being in. Measure spaces you hate being in. Draw these spaces. Sketch floor plans. 


Don't get discouraged. Be prepared to work long hours for low or no pay, not just in school, but in your career. 

Good luck.

Jul 3, 14 1:07 pm

Don't get discouraged. Be prepared to work long hours for low or no pay, not just in school, but in your career. 

Well said archanonymous.

Jul 3, 14 2:07 pm
Archanonymous thank you for the advice!
Jul 3, 14 2:15 pm

Depending on where you go to school, the professors can get pretty out there, and some of the programs can be quite theory-based. It is your job to remember that you are there to LEARN HOW TO PUT TOGETHER A BUILDING, not to ruminate on Leibniz and the Baroque, calculus (which most professors don't know anyways) digital fabrication, parametric design, social change, "community design" or any of the other hot topics in architectural education.


Stay away from voronoi patterns. they won't be cool, or used correctly, for at least another 8-12 years. 

Oh, read this post:

Jul 3, 14 3:09 pm

Might help you as you go through college.
Jul 3, 14 6:54 pm

archanonymous. "Don't get discouraged. Be prepared to work long hours for low or no pay, not just in school, but in your career. "

J_design "Archanonymous thank you for the advice!"

lol.  I like how the OP just glossed right over this fact.  aaahh to be young and unaware.  Sorry....yes, follow your passion!  (i just threw up a little). 

Jul 3, 14 7:57 pm

Okay to be fair the comment (pay) isn't exactly fact.  but probabilistically accurate.  feels low after paying back loans on 35,000 to 45,000 starting (if you get a job that is).  Just look up monthly pay amount for salaries to see.  some do make money after long years of none.  but its a crap-shoot for sure.

Jul 3, 14 8:27 pm

Remember that architecture is political, ideological and subjective. You will need to learn to navigate these biases. Everyone has an axe to grind (or, at least everyone should have an axe to grind).

If you treat each studio like a job, and your tutor/professor as your client that you need to satisfy you will pick up some valuable skills.

Jul 3, 14 9:02 pm
@papre thank you for the advice I know the pay may not be there but I will do it regardless because of my love for it
Jul 3, 14 9:31 pm

I suppose the other thing to consider then is that what architects do might be different than what you think they do.  So, what you think you love will likely not be what you will actually be doing in your career.

Jul 3, 14 10:32 pm
timothy sadler®

Dangit!  Forgot how to post an image...?

Jul 3, 14 11:39 pm

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