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I am in my third semester of my M.Arch at the University of Miami. My school has a Rome program this spring at their satellite campus; however, it is a bit too traditional for my liking. As many may know my university is quite classical in general, but we just receieved a new dean - Rodolphe el-Khoury who is much more into conceptual design. Regardless, I am a lone student on campus who is spearheading the Rhino/Grasshopper movement here and am getting lots of tutoring and lecturing work as a result. Even so, I still greatly respect classical orders as they are they backbone of everything. 

That being said I would like to attend a European school this spring where I can be further informed on conceptual design with GH and Rhino. I already checked into the AA in London and they don't offer a program. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. 


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Jul 2, 14 4:59 pm

Ok, this is quite tough.
In Italy workshops and courses on GH/rhino are offered at least at the Politecnico di MIlano and at the University of Genoa, there is also a post-graduate course at the University of Venice, but maybe there are others i don't know:

here  some links:

Jul 4, 14 3:34 am

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