Best resource for 3d furniture models for interior renderings?


What are folks using for interior renderings? Clearly, TurboSquid has high quality models but the prices are also high. Are there any other good resources for 3d models? I've been building my own small collection of furnishings but I'd also like get some other models to flesh it out.

Dec 16, 10 8:55 pm

sketchup has a decent selection, as do many of the manufacturer websites

Dec 16, 10 10:17 pm
Dec 17, 10 1:17 am

As long as you are willing to pay a little for a lot of wrok done by someone else, design connected is a very good ressource.

Dec 17, 10 7:19 am

Fritz Hansen has a good selection for modern. e-interiors is also good.

Both are free

Dec 17, 10 9:09 am
Beepbeep this is a great one and they are all free work in 3ds or su just import them in.

Dec 17, 10 10:52 am

Peter Guthrie

I think he uses V-ray, but I can't be certain. The guy is a maestro.

Dec 19, 10 2:55 pm
zen maker
Jan 12, 11 3:07 pm

Most furniture manufactures are making their own BIM and 3D objects and placing them on their website for us to take.
Ive gotten some pretty sweet furnitures from Steelcase.

I also goto and if Im looking for something I cant find.

I made a pretty swank book display case that I uploaded to - its the only BIM object Ive given up for free. - See iamthestones on


Jan 12, 11 4:59 pm

Sexy! meaw!

Jan 12, 11 7:24 pm

I like Evermotion....

They have really nice quality and variety in their furniture, they used to have a bundle that had hundreds of furniture items for a good price (like 250) but I can't seem to find that on their website.

Jan 12, 11 7:48 pm

i like the for modern furniture

Jul 12, 11 5:50 pm

Load has good stuff:

Jul 12, 11 7:32 pm

Try this:

good quality and low price and there is also free 3d models to

Oct 18, 12 4:43 am

Yobi3D is a 3D model search engine. You can search with simple keywords and see the results in 3D.

Sep 17, 15 2:26 am

Check out You can download free BIM and CAD file for Architecture and Interior Design in different formats.

Apr 27, 16 11:23 am

I want to share one high quality 3d resource:

All model packages consist various file formats:

max, 3ds, dwg, obj, FBX, revit families

Apr 2, 17 2:09 pm

i sell my own library via this link

The file contains 302 pro 3ds models of famous home design ,with original textures,andevery model is under reference, image and the name of the house.

I gave the price of 0.3$ per model, one of them cost too much more , others are free on the web.I spent months working on this collection for my own use, and i wanted to share it with a low price, that will make you save too much time and money.

Apr 19, 17 6:16 pm
Vitaly Surin

Here are pretty high-quality models for interiors:
Some of them are free, some are pretty affordable 

Apr 21, 17 5:30 am

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