Job hunting - will sending unsolicited work get you noticed?


Hey guys. I'm an architecture student looking to apply for an internship at an architecture firm I admire very much. I don't want my application & portfolio to be passed over and forgotten in two seconds so I've hatched a cunning plan.

I'm going to model and render one of the firm's signature projects and send them the result. Will this get me noticed / is it a good approach? Any thoughts are welcome. 

Jul 1, 14 11:55 am

This might be the funniest thing I've read this week

Jul 3, 14 8:29 am

Nope. Best to have original work, a solid resume and cover letter. The best thing to do is call the office, ask who to address the cover letter to, and mail it in. Or even better, hand deliver it. That won't get you noticed, it'll just get you in the stack of all the other resumes. What will get you noticed is calling a few days later, and then a week after that. If they don't bring you in for an interview, don't take it personally. They probably aren't hiring. Just pivot and move on to the next firm.

Jul 3, 14 8:46 am
x intern

This seems like a terrible idea.  First if it does work you would be the render guy, this is a tendency of people just out of school because often its all we can productively do walking out of school.  This is a major shortcoming of our profession but that's a another issue all together.  You DON'T want to be the render guy.  Seems like a good idea now but its a short term solution to a long term problem.  In a few years there will be people just like yourself willing to model and render who will know the newest software be able to run circles around you and do it for half the money.  Now you don't know anymore about creating a building than you did coming out of school and the competition for your job is younger and cheaper.  

Also makes you look like a nut.

Jul 3, 14 10:01 am

bahahaha try and and report back.

fyi During multiple job interviews, I've had many principals advice me to remove/cut down on renders in my portfolio and trust me.. I did not go overboard with the number of renders xD

Jul 3, 14 12:28 pm

Chuckleberryslim, there are many forums here that are discussing this intern/job seeking/resume subject, look around and search for them, there are some good answers/ideas being handed out. No point in repeating here.

Jul 20, 14 2:36 pm

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