Archinect should have an "International Section"


There are tons of international students and architects/designers on this forum. Much of the content posted is irrelevant to the practice of architecture in the U.S. Therefore, much of the discussions are focused on "us vs. you". I think these types of discussions are counterproductive to those who want to find the real answer to their questions as they pertain to their particular geographic territories of practice. How can someone living in Paris or Zimbawe expect to get an adequate answer about a particular question related to professional practice if most people draw from their experience in New York, San Francisco, or some other place in the U.S. All this does is say, "here's how it's done here, I don't know how it's done there..." Perhaps, at a latter time, there might even be the development of forums specifically dedicated to each state...

Jul 1, 14 9:15 am

Agreed. We desperately need a forum dedicated to architecture in Zimbabwe. 

Jul 1, 14 9:51 am  · 

I think that the majority of people reading archinect tend to be American- simply because it is in English. However there have been forum questions that specifically address getting a job for instance in Germany. Still I find those forum questions a little strange, why ask how to get a job in Germany by using the English language on Archinect? Why not ask that same question on in German?

I think it is just a language thing. Remember English is not the first language for many people on the planet.

Jul 1, 14 11:20 am  · 

i think we should have a midwest sub-section.  you coastal people are weird.  why on earth would someone chose to live in the hamptons?

Jul 1, 14 11:41 am  · 


Jul 1, 14 11:51 am  · 

Agreed. Hicks in the sticks need their own board. 

I know where I am but I'll be damned if I can tell you how I got here. 

Jul 1, 14 12:54 pm  · 

Bulgar, I think most responses are trying to be helpful when the original poster specifies "I am looking for info on working in _____".  I do feel like I see a lot of posts that don't specify a part of the world and are then overrun by USian posts.  We Yanks like to talk a lot, I guess? Sorry.

Jul 1, 14 1:04 pm  · 

archinect is international already. the reasons it primarily US participants are that it's in english (as noted above), it's hosted from the US, and the news available to the editors is often sourced from within the US. 

there does seem to be a reasonably large amount of european participation. 

i'd hate to see a splintering of the site, especially one that would make for separate pages with separate cultural assumptions. the mix that (sometimes) happens gives the site more vitality. 

if anything, maybe the initial poster could have the option of tagging a location at the same time as the topic is selected. i could see how that would be a useful tool for those who want to drill down. 

Jul 2, 14 11:27 am  · 

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