Dishwasher doesn't work

Can someone please help?

Jun 27, 14 5:39 pm

Jun 27, 14 5:42 pm

Consulting starts @ $250/hr. plus expenses.

Jun 27, 14 7:11 pm

Let the dog lick the dishes clean.

Jun 27, 14 8:11 pm

I'm guessing you don't have children old enough to reach the sink.

Jun 27, 14 8:48 pm

go green and LEED platinum ... use your hands

Jun 27, 14 9:25 pm

Newer dishwashers are greener than hand washing dishes.

boy in a well

send him back to mexico.

Jun 28, 14 12:33 am

Have you tried turning it off and then turning it back on again?

Jun 28, 14 11:02 am

Do the NASA TRICK:  Unplug everything, let the online computer clear then plug it back in. Hopefully it isn't hardwired.  If it is hard wired call for professional electrical help, to disconnect the power and then re-power it and see if it works.  If not got to the nearest Sears and do not buy a maytag dishwasher.

Jun 28, 14 7:53 pm

go green and LEED platinum ... use your hands that was so funny

Jun 29, 14 12:55 am
Access... He lives in the Hamptons, they don't wash dishes by hand there!
Jun 29, 14 1:14 am

Dude,  You get your dishwasher working or did you just go to Bernies for the Weekend?

Jun 29, 14 7:21 pm
Sarah Hamilton
Funny, the dishwasher in my new place decided to piss all over the floor, today. Don't worry, Snook, we ordered a new water pump for it.
Jun 29, 14 10:00 pm

If the timer cycles but no water flows replace the solenoid. Parts readily available on-line.

Jun 29, 14 10:14 pm
Have the unpaid interns piss on the dishes.
Jun 30, 14 9:31 am
vado retro

Dishwasher out of reach. please advice.

Jun 30, 14 10:12 am

Vado, you need to change the dishwasher's color to mask the fact that it is out of reach.  A good taupe, and no one will ever know.

Jun 30, 14 10:23 am
vado retro

but the other appliances are in avocado! please advice.

Jun 30, 14 10:27 am

I think Miles did go to Bernie's for a long weekend!  Hope he is having a grand time!

Jun 30, 14 5:45 pm

Wow. After 5.5 years, finally an answer!

Dec 3, 19 1:24 pm

This may be a clue why we're skeptical. 

Dec 3, 19 4:53 pm

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