Bringing professional with school portfolio.. First full time job out of school


Hello all,

I am getting ready to interview for a job in a few days, and am running into a little dilemma. 

My dilemma is that I don't know if its necessary or even harmful to bring in examples of work I've done in my internships before this job. (This will be my first job out of school, every other employment has been internships)

Personally I think my portfolio is good but I would say it lacks some technical elements that would illustrate savviness in autocad or revit and the likes. I have plans, sections, details and such but they are more presentation drawings rather than black and white line drawings. 

I've always thought that my resume would supplement my design portfolio by showing that I've been employed and have done most of the duties of a junior designer before, but as the date of the interview gets closer I'm starting to second guess my decision to leave out projects I've contributed on in my internships because those projects are built and am more illustrative of my technical skills.

So what do you think? Is it not necessary to show the professional work since its my first job and my resume should be able to convey the sense that I'm "technically" proficient?



Jun 23, 14 7:28 pm

From my past experience, I bring my portfolio and show it as the main event but I had a half set of construction drawings along with me as well.  Depending on the interviewer, the focus could be almost split 50/50 with discussing drawings and portfolio work.  I was offered a position on the spot because they liked my portfolio and saw that I was proficient in doing technical drawings so I'd be productive from day one.  It never hurts to bring something else along.  Personally, I feel construction documents look nicer in their natural grouping.  Scaling them down to fit in a portfolio doesn't feel as nice to me.  

Jun 23, 14 8:01 pm

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