Bartlett - GAD before RIBA part 2


Hello guys, 

I plan to apply master programme in Bartlett next year. 

Originally I plan to apply the 2 years MArch RIBA part 2 course in Bartlett, however the their 1 year MArch GAD course drawn my attention as well. 

Is there anyone here taken GAD course before? I would like to know more details about this course and perhaps some tips while applying to this course :)

Besides, I would like to know the possibility of taking 2 years MArch RIBA part 2 course after the completion of 1 year GAD course. I would like to hear what you guys think about this. Is it worth it or I should straight apply for the 2 years RIBA part 2 course next year?


Jun 20, 14 12:42 pm

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