Best Digital Projector for Architectural presentations

We have a 6-year old Dell DLP projector (3200mp) and the colors, especially reds & yellows look like crud.

Does anybody have a good, low cost projector to recommend?
Ideally, we'd want to better match the colors on our laptop screen.

Oct 25, 10 8:47 pm


Oct 25, 10 9:17 pm  · 
knock out

That's a very hard question to answer, something that takes a bit more information about the environment and the application.

For example, what kind of room is it in, installed on a ceiling mount pole, what kind of screen, ambient room conditions, distance, etc...

All of these are standard considerations when selecting a projector, budget included.

Epson, NEC, Optoma, BenQ, Sanyo, Mitsubishi, Panasonic....all good brands.

I suggest you read a bit about projectors and the best for your budget at

Nov 1, 10 12:48 am  · 

GooDee, i am using it and it's worth to buy. You can check details here

Mar 27, 21 3:10 pm  · 

Hi all,

myself Ambrish,you can call ambi.

i m an architect and i do agriculture,education,architecture and constrution.

i want few suggest for ou guess.

i have started my company called AADHYUM



  1. Design and constrution(try for eco-friendly in other words using natural resources
  2. education like workshops,events(teaching in pratical less theory)
  3. agriculture (try for organic cultivation)

need suggest in this

i have two civil engineers as supervision in sitte.

one junior architect 

and three senior mentors and 40 years experinced person in the age of 45,59 and 68 they are guiding me.

i m lagging back in accounts,documentation,marketing and a format of my company and tax.

let me if you can suggest me few tips.

i have started this on jun 1 2016.

i m 30years old.

thank you.

Jul 29, 21 3:08 pm  · 

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