Any architect online? Urgent


Please reply to this please.. need an urgent advice 

Jun 13, 14 2:06 pm

hi.  good luck with your search for advice.

Jun 13, 14 2:09 pm

architecture is never urgent. Pour yourself some scotch, calm down. 

Jun 13, 14 2:10 pm

I urgently need a scotch. Maybe three.

Jun 13, 14 2:22 pm

Since no topic was specified by the OP... my advice is to step outside, get some fresh air, maybe go for a walk, clear your head.

Jun 13, 14 2:28 pm
Non Sequitur

Scotch, neat... right now!


oh wait, there is some quarter-cask Laphroaig in my filling cabinet. Disaster avoided.

Jun 13, 14 2:32 pm

The non-specific yet immediately urgent nature of this post reminds me of the use of the bat signal in Batman story-telling.  

Maybe we need our own version of the bat signal for architects.  What symbol would be flashed across the sky to summon us?


Foam core model?

Swoopy parametrics?

Autodesk logo?

Bottle of scotch (empty)?

Jun 13, 14 2:32 pm
Non Sequitur

thick-rimmed black glasses?

Jun 13, 14 2:33 pm

i would not go running towards an empty bottle of scoth

now, if it were mostly full, that might be motivation.  even a good burboun call might pique my interest.

i don't think we can continue to use T-squares as symbols of the profession.

Jun 13, 14 2:47 pm







Best I can do so quickly.

Time for a drink.

Jun 13, 14 3:07 pm

on the off chance donna's advice seemed incomplete, i would suggest visiting this website:

Jun 13, 14 3:53 pm

Ask the Magic 8 Ball

Jun 13, 14 5:00 pm

Dude I have one Question are you from Nigeria?  Maybe you have a lot of cash on hand because of the loss of an Uncle...and you need to get it out of the country before the Feds take most of it in taxes.....and you need my bank account to make this transfer of funds.

Jun 13, 14 5:17 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

Speaking of booze and 8 balls.......One time I met these mathematicians from Columbia U. At some Brooklyn loft party, well at least they said they were and I asked them if they used Matlab or Mathematica - I know these things I am Architect - they were baffled and said we leaving and going to a bar in Williamsburg somewhere. This was over a decade ago. The bar had no hipsters just locals. We did shots of jaeger and everyone left. I got up from the bar walked towards the SNOOKEr tables (had to work that in) and next thing I know I was outside with a 6'6" Puerto Rican telling me I owed someone a $1000 for 8 ball. I said "I dont do drugs, what are you talking about?" He laughed and we proceeded to dodge some shady character in a tinted window glass car until about 5am. I told him "man I got 10 dollars, I can go to an ATM and get you 100, but thats it". He showed me a pic of his kid, little league pirates pic, went to a laudromat and pulled out $100 and he told me I had played pool and bet a $1000 and sunk the 8 ball. I said man tell your buddy a $100 should be cool, he said dude walk that way and dont look back the. G train is over there. I looked back, he got in the tinted window car. I ran around the block - and opened the door and he waived at me to just go home white boy! Never figured out what happened. True story, down to what I remember hahaha...I would post under my real name but who knows what client would find age old debauchery not cool. I am married with kids now and pay taxes...oh, what was urgent?

Jun 13, 14 6:46 pm
Totally laughed at the thought of the Autodesk logo in the sky.

I like the idea of a simple outline of a house with a bold "A" as the gabled roof. Sounds cheesy as hell, but in my mind seems fitting for a super hero logo.
Jun 13, 14 8:02 pm
Holy flaming t squares archiman, it's another architecture emergency!
Jun 16, 14 4:54 pm

11:30 pm Sunday: <ring ring, ring ring>

Architect [groggily]: "Hello?"

Client [vacationing in finished house]: "The dishwasher doesn't work."

Jun 16, 14 5:14 pm


Jun 17, 14 1:36 am

What's funny Miles is I had a client like that; Old money sort.  My Dad designed her house in the 60's; I took over for him in the '90's.  Over the years, if anything went wrong, she'd call us.  We'd hire the handyman, roofer, plumber, or whomever to take care of her need. Sometimes she'd remodel; lol, we added a bowling alley as a present for her husband.  Got called once for a raccoon in the attic sort of thing.

She did pass a few years ago...  One of the most enjoyable clients I ever had.  She pretty much insisted on tea/lemonade/coffee and conversation for a good hour before getting to why she needed our help.  She knew our rates, but often just wrote a check based on her gut (usually more than the invoice ever would have been)...  Interesting woman.

Jun 17, 14 11:09 am

I love that story.  

Of course, it doesn't fit the popular "wealthy clients are evil" mantra...

Jun 17, 14 1:40 pm

^ It's the exception that proves the rule. Hopefully we all get one from time to time, otherwise it wouldn't be worth staying in this business (if you can call it that).

Jun 17, 14 5:12 pm


Jun 17, 14 7:31 pm

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