Looking for old Lego Modulex architects M20 bricks


I'm looking for architects and firms that may have used the Lego Modulex system in the 1960s and 1970s for models. It was also known as M20 (since it was 1:20 scale). If you have any in an old storage closet (or know someone who might), please let me know. I'm trying to acquire as much as I can (will buy it from you) for some large models I am building.

For more info on what I'm looking for, see here:
and here:

Thank you,

Sep 30, 10 9:38 pm

Hi there Karyn I have just read your post now.I have lots of modulex M20 lego in its original packaging which I am looking to sell?Are you interested or do you know of any1 that is interested?My contact no is 0027743262934 OR my email address is


Kind regards

Jun 30, 11 8:51 am

Hi Karyn.
Are you still looking for Modulex bricks?
I have about 10.000 pieces in different colours, shapes and sizes in Copenhagen.

Best regards

Apr 9, 17 12:49 pm

A complete September 1963 set with all possible parts and books... about 15-20.000 pieces.

Aug 3, 19 6:27 pm
Non Sequitur

Very nice. How much?


I don't know, I might put it to auction, but it's still not decided. An auction house said in would go for 900-1200 € and possible even more if a collector comes around. It's very unique so I just want the right person to have it, it should be kept intact and not sold piece by piece....

Aug 4, 19 6:22 am

Slope tiles above.

Beautiful boxes, most of them marked with Pat. Pend.

Windows, doors and wall bricks.

1963 delivery note from the 19. September

All are Pat. Pend. bricks

Rooftop tiles in 3 different angles an 3 different lengths 1/2/4 

Aug 4, 19 6:44 am
Chad Miller

Want!  Want badly!  All my future projects will be Lego! 

Aug 6, 19 10:03 am

Ok but you can’t live in it unless you find a huge amount of bricks for sale, and a gigantic stack of money..... ;-)


Ok but you can’t live in it unless you find AOT

Chad Miller

I see what you did there. :-)

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