Wacom Intuos4 Small or Medium?


I am a Junior Architect working towards licensure and simultaneously pursuing an additional qualification in Graphic Design.

My question is what graphic tablet (small or medium) works best for an Architect & Graphic Designer using a Macbook Pro 17" Intel Mac. I have the Master Suite Adobe CS4, use Vectorworks, AutoCAD, Final Cut, Artlantis and now getting into Cinema 4d.

I want to know if the SMALL Wacom Intuos4 woudl suffice with the specs/software listed above or should I really invest in the MEDIUM size?

I'm serious about adding Graphic Design to my repertoire and the idea is to fuse the two professions together - Architecture & Graphic Design drawing inspiration from film, music, art, [sub]culture, etc. Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Sep 24, 10 1:43 pm

depends but most forums i looked at suggested medium and i have to agree

Sep 24, 10 4:24 pm  · 

I got a small one almost a year ago. I prefer the small one for the lack of room on my puter desk and I am pretty satisfied.

But if you want to do lots of graphics, the larger one will give you some more freedom of "natural stroke". If that is the case for you go with the big one. If you can $pend more go with a cintiq or similar so you can have more fun drawing on screen surface. The small one wasn't that difficult to get used to and cheaper.

I don't know anything about the specs for the Mac or the C4d prog. etc... I have used with cs4 with no issues. I love the mouse too that I use more when using cad.

Sep 26, 10 2:11 am  · 

I appreciate the prompt responses to my post and they have helped a great deal. Because of money and a possible connect at a electronic store I am most likely going to purchase the introductory Small tablet and see how well I do with it in both Vectorworks, Cinema 4D and the Adobe CS4. I know in graphic design you can zoom in for the detail and zoom out for the broad brush strokes when necessary.

Again, thank you for the input!

Sep 26, 10 10:06 pm  · 

Hey, sorry to hijack this thread, but...

I've never used a tablet before (I am constantly working on arch. and design projects) but would like to start - what kind of advantages does it offer? Is its only real use drawing natural-looking illustrator vectors? I think it'd be great to add this to my repetoire, but am unsure as to our combined potential.

Any thoughts?

Sep 27, 10 10:04 am  · 
Sarah Hamilton

It may seem odd, but I have found that it helps to have a tablet close in size to your monitor, and certainly no larger. I have the Large tablet, and love it, but it was hard to use with my laptop. Maybe it's just me, but you know how you can easily draw something that is large, smaller, but it's hard to draw something small large - it was sort of like that. Once we got a larger monitor, it was so much better!

Oh, and jk, you can use the pen on the tablet just like a mouse, so it helps keep carpal tunnel at bay when placing trees and the like into ACAD drawings.

Sep 27, 10 10:19 am  · 

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