window treatment: blinds, shades, or curtain


If I have blinds on the windows, do I still add curtain? It seems I should since there is space between the edge of the blinds with the window frame, the light could still come into the house when I don't need it.

What is your guys' opinions?

Sep 20, 10 6:29 pm
we're in this together

yes you must add curtain

Sep 20, 10 6:38 pm

Thanks, FRaC, is this what you are talking about?

Sep 20, 10 7:07 pm
we're in this together

that's close cmrhm .. but you need the valance across the top so when the curtains are open the window is still properly framed.

this is what you need to do:

Sep 20, 10 7:51 pm


That is fuxking nice. Glad to hear you mention "valance".


Sep 20, 10 10:46 pm

FRaC!!!! i nearly pissed my pants with that image!!!!!!! HAHAHHAHAHA!

Oct 21, 10 1:06 pm
won and done williams

okay, even if this thread ends right now, it may have won the award for best thread ever.

good job.

Oct 21, 10 1:23 pm
we're in this together

won williams yer fired !!

Oct 21, 10 2:14 pm
won and done williams

oh no, i can no longer pretend to be a npr-listening, fox news watching centrist. dern it!

Oct 21, 10 4:15 pm

don't even waste your time/money, unless you can do a fully automated lutron system. 

Oct 20, 14 11:30 am

windows are overrated anyways

Oct 20, 14 11:58 am

Mies did a lot of nice things with curtains that ran from floor to ceiling.

A thick curtain, of velvet or a thinner decorative fabric with a thick opaque secondary backing, is standard equipment in most hotel rooms for the purpose of creating full darkness at any time of day.  Some people put them in their bedrooms at home.

May 15, 17 11:16 am

I was always told that it is very important for your curtains to match-your drapes. This is for some reason important when selecting a husband too?

Jan 8, 18 11:57 am

Yes it is a good idea, I really like it.

Dec 4, 18 5:12 am
On the fence

I wish I had an answer for this issue but I went to architecture school so...…..

Dec 4, 18 10:48 am

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