Current BArch in the US, planning for MArch in the UK, advice needed.


So I'm currently an international student studying in the US (in a 5-year professional program) -- currently an oncoming 5th year. 

I'm considering of doing my masters in the UK. But I'm quite new to the system there and was wondering about the RIBA Part 2 entry requirements (or for Masters study in general for UK architecture schools). Are there US's equivalent to the RIBA Part 1? Any other specific / unique requirements that I should know about?

Also, I'm curious whether you'd recommend me of taking a year or two to gather more work experience before going to Masters in the UK? -- this is currently my plan anyway as I didn't want to go in for Masters right after graduation next year. 

(=Schools I'm thinking about are UCL, Sheffield, Oxford Brookes, Manchester -- not a final list though - need to do much more research.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Jun 4, 14 10:54 am

Hi tchutcha!

Always good to do experience before graduate school, either US/UK.

Most UK schools who offer par 2 will take you in without a part 1 [exceptions: AA, Cardiff, Glassgow, DipArch programmes [type] or programmes that have a continuous degree]

Generally, you get your part 2 then go to ARB with your part 2 drawings, pay +- £2k and get your part 1.

Am at Oxford, so email me if you want info.

Good thing about part 2 - as international you can work full time between years.

Jun 4, 14 6:53 pm

A 5-year US B.Arch is already a UK Part I + Part II. With a decent folio you should be able to get your US degree exempted for both parts ( I heard it's not easy though)

Is there a particular reason why you want to repeat basically the 4th and 5th year again ?

I would be looking at post-prof M.Arch .... AADRL or M.ArchGAD at the Bartlett if I were you.

Jun 4, 14 10:05 pm

Hey hi,

I am graduated form Uni, of Sheffield. My suggestion will be leaning towards US instead of UK.

Jun 5, 14 3:24 am

hi there, im taking my master in Sheffield uni now, feel free to message me if you want!

Jun 5, 14 12:51 pm

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