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I'm currently studying first year architecture and we have been doing an assignment where we make really abstract models in Sketchup and we have to export them onto Rhino to refine them. However, I'm struggling to use Rhino and have no idea how to modify my models to make them look 'better'. Are there any video tutorials which can help or anyone who can help?

When I mean refining I don't mean rendering because we have to export our refined rhino model to render it on 3DS Max. 


Jun 4, 14 12:21 am

I'm going to assume that when you say "refining," you are referring to the process of converting the SketchUp mesh model into a Rhino Nurbs model.  

In Rhino 4, type in "Sketchupimportoptions" and change FaceType to Trimmed Plane by hitting "F"

In Rhino 5, there's an option to simply click "Trimmed Planes" during the import process.

This will convert all those hideous meshes into Rhino Nurb Surfaces.

If that's not what you're looking to do, please elaborate on what exactly you need to be done in order to go from SketchUp to Rhino to 3ds Max. Which I have to say is the most convoluted means of getting to a final render...

Tell your professor to look into either Vray, Kerkythea, or Podium for SketchUp and of course Vray for Rhino...don't bother with Maxwell or any other render engines for Rhino.

Both of these combos render 3DS useless unless you are in need of buildings with animated components.

But as you are a first year, and for the sake of doing the assignment...see above =D. You'll soon find out which softwares are most efficient for your own personal workflow. 

Jun 4, 14 3:14 am

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