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Hello Archinect Community,

I just wanted to know what your opinions are on continuing graduate architecture school, more specifically pursing an MARCH II degree.

A little background about myself, I graduated from the California College of the Arts with a BARCH in 2012. I have been working professionally for almost 2 years and am now currently working professionally with a small boutique Architecture firm specializing in retail architecture located in Los Angeles.

After much thought and wanting to go back to school to pursue a MARCH II, I have my sights set on attending UCLA. I would like to complete my IDP hours before I apply to any prospective schools as well.

With that being said, my general questions for 1) Graduates from MARCH II programs, 2) Current MARCH students, & 3) Prospective students are:

1. I've heard from many friends that their PMs, Principals, & Superiors at work have told them that graduate school was a waste of time. Does anyone have a different opinion?

2. In terms of having a more "Successful Career" as an architect, does it differ between someone who has a BARCH and someone who has an MARCH? How about salary ranges?

3. For those who have graduated from a MARCH program, are you content with where you are in your architectural career?

Any and all opinions are greatly appreciated. Many thanks!

Jun 3, 14 9:03 pm

If you don't need the MArch for licensure, you could look into other master's courses that would enhance your architectural background and education while giving you a specialty or other area of expert knowledge.  For example there are any number of courses available on urban design, landscape architecture, sustainability, real estate development, conservation and heritage, construction management, project leadership, etc.  In this way you could still be seen as getting the benefits of a higher education degree while making you more unique than your peers.

Additionally, there are a number of part-time master's courses available on the above subjects, so it doesn't have to be something that you stop working to do- unless you want a full-time experience.

Just my two cents!

Jul 22, 14 9:52 am
x intern

If you don't plan to teach KaylaF's recommendation is great.  You don't gain much going from BARCH to MARCH in a typical firm setting you would be doing the same work and may actually be behind someone who kept working and received their license and experiance as a project architect.  This would be different for government or similar settings but an additional skill set/knowledge base would add value.


Jul 22, 14 10:54 am

Thank you for your responses. This is really insightful and helpful. Greatly appreciated.

Jul 22, 14 3:42 pm

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