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The architects aimed to integrate the home’s design into a challenging compact cliff edge site allowing the view to guide the entire concept with materials consisting of shou sugi ban, steel, pine, glass, and concrete. The result consists of two bars paralleling the bluff while maximizing the limited lateral spread of the lot. The bars are separated into private and public spaces with a connected outdoor living area. The private bar consists of the master suite and an open concept living space featuring a double-faced fireplace dividing the kitchen, dining room, a formal living room, and a tv room. The public bar includes two guest suites adjacent to the outdoor common spaces. This bar is set further out above the cliff, with a cantilevered walkway and unobstructed views. .  

Stemming from the firm’s core belief that the most sustainable design is simple, long lasting, and durable, this house was built from hearty, honest materials.  From the street view, the structure’s locally sourced stone pavers, patinated steel fascia, and cascading concrete entryway blend into the forest lot. Upon entry, there is a moment of compression before the space rapidly expands to a wall of windows framing the panoramic view, and furthering the feeling of living above the clouds. The interiors include custom millwork throughout the house. Multiple skylights illuminate the house with shafts of sunlight throughout the day. The concrete and walnut accents add a contemporary mix while the white walls showcase the owner’s expansive fine and folk art collection.

The simplicity and resilience of the materials and design align with the client’s wish to age in place. All hallways and doors are ADA compliant and the master bath features a roll in shower.  The garage and back entrance to the house are flush with the driveway creating a seamless transition from the outside in. 

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Status: Built
Location: Elder Mountain, TN, US
Firm Role: Principal Architect