Studio of Relativity, Inc. dba Relativity Architects

Studio of Relativity, Inc. dba Relativity Architects

Los Angeles


The Gables Restaurant

2020 Architecture Masterprize Winner | Hospitality Award

The Gables is inspired by the story of a local Santa Monica Beach Club of the same name that was never fully completed in the 1920s. Working with Mystery, an award-winning Branding/Design agency, our aim was to create the feeling of an independent community eatery, that represented its locality in beach-side Santa Monica. We used a range of materials to give a contrast of everyday finishes, such as white-washed wood, glazed tiles, and mid-century air-bricks with aspirational touches of brass, poured concrete for the flooring, and Carrera marble for the counter-top. The concrete bricks around the bar and takeout area were inspired by those overlooking Santa Monica beach and the design of the gate was inspired by the gates in Palisades Park. A vertical garden flanks the patio wall, with cascading greenery adding color and texture to the restaurant’s Santa Monica beachy aesthetic.

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Status: Built
Location: Santa Monica, CA, US
Firm Role: Architect
Additional Credits: Mystery LTD - Brand Design Agency