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Soup's Grill

Soup's Grill:


SOUP’S Grill


Soup’s Grill is a family friendly restaurant in Woodland Hills designed and built for Major League pitcher, Jeff Suppan.  Tasteful interior design detailing, including an exact replica of a MLB Dugout, a wall filled with three thousand signed baseballs and over 300 items of sports memorabilia blend well with the Artimede lighting and open truss ceilings.  The overall environment is one that you can both enjoy a beer and the game and one that you can bring the whole team in for a post-game victory dinner.


Size: 2800 SF

Location: Woodland Hills, CA

Status: Built – 2008


  • Designer
    • Tima Bell

Architect of Record

  • Eric Ryder, AIA
  • GC
    • Williams Construction
  • Lighting
    • Artimede
  • Fixtures and Furnishing
    • Tima Winter Inc.
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Status: Built