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MUT architecture

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Built of used cardboard boxes of the Manhattan fashion district, the igloo can provide shelter atop a roof in the South Bronx of New York during the hot summer days.
Easy to build once you know how, this home is compact and strong.
2 rolls of red duct tape hold the structure to the ground.  The winds on the roof-tops in the South Bronx can get mighty forceful.

A gently sloping spiral forms the Igloo base.
The second row is started on this slope and the blocks build up in a continuous spiral - the key to the whole structure.

5 gallons of household paint bonds the boxes together.
Each row of boxes is cut at an angle and set in place to perpetuate an inward slope.
9 rolls of brown packing tape hold the boxes together for the time it takes the paint to dry. 
The roof is formed by carefully and gently cramming specially cut boxes into the remaining spaces.

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Status: Built
Location: Bronx, NY, US