Central de Arquitectura

Central de Arquitectura

Mexico, MX


Hotel Deseo

The general concept of this luxury hotel was to combine fun and relaxation in one place. The building is distributed around a great patio where the common areas are located. This patio offers a wide variety of activities and atmospheres, spatial sensations, platforms, textures, water and sky.

With the idea of combining architecture and plastic arts, a local artist called Silvia Grunner was asked to design the central pool, where you can read the phrase ‘Away from you’. The façade is composed by a skin of wood bars that work as a filter and virtual divider between the room area and the patio.

The entrance stair reminds us of those prehispanic stairs, characteristic of the Mayan culture, and they invite the user to discover an unknown environment when you get to the end of them. The rooms are located mainly next to the borders, trying to minimise and noise from the city, offering tidiness, sobriety and elegance in the spaces.

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Status: Built
Location: Playa del Carmen, MX